Right to Work Georgia Sees New Business Headquarters

Businesses continue to invest in Right to Work Georgia as a result of its Right to Work benefits. In fact, several have, or soon will have, headquarters here. The latest investments in Right to Work Georgia are coming from Becker and Stuckey’s, as well as Hyundai Mobis, and Steves & Sons. Altogether, these will create a total of 1,867 new jobs. Read on in order to find out more!

Becker Robotic Equipment:

Becker is investing $30 million in order to establish North American headquarters and create 137 new jobs in Right to Work Canton, Georgia.

“German companies have been key partners in the growth of Georgia’s automotive industry for years, and we’re excited for Becker to become a larger part of Georgia’s story. […] I had the opportunity to meet with Becker in Germany, and I was struck by the company’s innovative spirit and collaborative approach that has made them a successful partner in Georgia. Congratulations to Cherokee County and all of our partners who supported this project.” […]

“Metro Atlanta is ideally suited for Becker’s new North American headquarters and manufacturing facility, given its thriving automotive and mobility ecosystem. […] Becker will surely benefit from the collaboration between the region’s innovative companies and universities, access to talent, and the already robust German business community. Congratulations to the team at Becker and all of the organizations that supported this decision.”



Stuckey’s is investing $5 million in order to expand headquarters in Right to Work Wrens, Georgia. This will also create 60 new jobs!

“Southern hospitality and tourism are at the core of what we do at Stuckey’s, where every traveler is a friend. […] We’re excited to continue to be a part of the Explore Georgia program to encourage visitors to Wrens and our candy shop, where we offer Georgia Grown™ goods for sale. Our plans include reviving the original pecan shed where my grandfather started our company and bringing it to Wrens as a tourist attraction. The future is bright for Stuckey’s and Wrens, Georgia.” […]

“Growing up in Georgia, Stuckey’s is a brand I feel like I have known my entire life. I couldn’t be more proud of the fact that this Georgia born and Georgia Grown company is reinvesting in the people and products that have made the company successful for years. […] Georgia is one of the largest producers of, arguably the best tasting, pecans in the world.” […]

“Jefferson County is extremely excited to have Stuckey’s remain in Wrens for their expansion and continued operations, especially for the existing employees and future employees. […] Our community is delighted to be part of the history, stature, and future of Stuckey’s.”


Hyundai Mobis:

Hyundai Mobis is investing $926 million in order to add a new facility in Right to Work Bryan County, Georgia. This will also mean 1,500 new jobs!

“Hyundai Mobis’ investment project in Bryan County reflects an acceleration in the development of the EV supply chain in Georgia’s auto industry. […] We’re going to be a major production player in the EV market, and that’s going to trigger more growth within the sector. Mobis is looking forward to providing high-quality work opportunities to the growing local workforce.” […]

“Suppliers who have been a part of Georgia’s automotive industry, like Hyundai Mobis, are transitioning to the jobs of the future and becoming part of Georgia’s growing EV ecosystem. […] In May, we predicted that non-affiliated HMGMA suppliers in connection with the project would invest an additional $1 billion into Georgia. We have already blown past that prediction in about two weeks. With the support of partners like Georgia Quick Start and our sister agencies, we are excited to prepare Georgia’s workforce of tomorrow for the jobs we are creating now. Congratulations to Bryan County, the City of Richmond Hill, the Georgia Ports Authority, and Hyundai Mobis!” […]

“We could not be more excited to welcome Mobis to our community. […] With nearly $1 billion of investment and the creation of over 1,500 good-paying jobs, I would say Mobis is pretty special.”


Steves & Sons:

Steves & Sons is investing $100 million in order to establish operations in Right to Work Jackson County, Georgia. This will also create 170 new jobs!

“We are thrilled that Steves & Sons is already expanding their footprint in Georgia with the announcement of this new facility in Jackson County. […] I am confident they will continue to find success here as they take advantage of one of our state’s greatest economic development assets, Georgia Quick Start, to fill these newly created positions.” […]

“We have worked long and hard to make Jackson County a place where both businesses and people want to be, and Steves & Sons’ decision to locate in Jackson County is proof of that. […] Our business climate is absolutely thriving. We are very excited to welcome Steve & Sons, Inc. to Jackson County!”


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