Right to Work Georgia Welcomes Over 1,000 New Jobs!

Right to Work Georgia is always welcoming new business growth and job opportunities. And these two companies are further proof of that! Both Visa and SUNGDO ENG USA are adding new locations here. This is no doubt due to the incredible benefits this state offers. Altogether, they will create a total of 1,030 new jobs. So this is some news worth celebrating! 


Visa is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. This will create 1,000 new jobs for the area!

“Atlanta brings together a wealth of expertise and talent with entrepreneurial spirit and a deep sense of community culture. […] We are [glad] to enhance our long-term presence in Atlanta.” […]

“For decades, leadership in Georgia has placed a priority on supporting the university system and educating Georgians for the jobs of the future. Visa’s investment in Georgia is a testament to the strong pipeline of diverse talent we continue to produce in the state. […] In back to back years, Atlanta has been named the No. 1 tech hub in the U.S. It is very exciting to see a company like Visa join our roster of world-renowned payment and FinTech leaders that have chosen to invest and build the industry here. Many thanks to Visa for choosing to invest in Georgia.” […]

“Metro Atlanta is the global hub of the FinTech and payment processing industries as a result of years of strategic ecosystem support and the collaboration of many partners. […] Visa will no doubt benefit from initiatives like Fintech Atlanta, the Fintech Academy, and FinTech South as well as the diverse and industry-specific expertise of our metro Atlanta workforce. Congratulations to Visa and all of the organizations that supported this decision.”



SUNGDO ENG USA is officially opening its headquarters in Right to Work Gwinnett County, Georgia. This will also create 30 new jobs!

“The main reason [we] chose Georgia is that the investments of high-tech businesses are taking place in Georgia. We currently have primary clients and projects for a high-tech facility in Georgia and expect to expand more soon. […] In addition, compared with other regions, it was a natural choice to be located in the State of Georgia because of the top-rated business environment, infrastructure, and all of the conditions for business success.” […]

“Korea continues to be an incredibly important strategic market for investment in Georgia and we are excited to welcome SUNGDO ENG USA to our international family of companies. […] I am confident that SUNGDO ENG USA will prosper in Georgia. Many thanks to our economic development partners in Gwinnett County for their continued efforts to grow jobs and opportunities in the community.”


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