Right to Work Indiana Welcomes New Businesses

Two businesses that are adding new locations soon in Right to Work Indiana are Doral Renewables and Atrium. And it’s no surprise as to why they have chosen Indiana. After all, the state provides a multitude of economic benefits. These benefits make it easier for the business to grow, while also creating new job opportunities for others.

Read on to see what people are saying about these investments!

Doral Renewables:

Doral Renewables is adding new locations in both Starke and Pulaski Counties in Right to Work Indiana. This will create 50 new jobs!

“It’s an incredibly electrifying day for the state of Indiana as we celebrate Doral Renewables’ significant investment in the future of energy generation and the state of Indiana. […] Knowing Indiana will continue to play a key role in the global energy sector while creating real change in our Hoosier communities is empowering. It’s encouraging to witness the power industry moving toward reliable, affordable and ever more clean renewable energy sources for generations of Hoosiers to come.”



Atrium is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Indianapolis, Indiana. This will also create 38 new jobs for the area!

“Atrium has had a vested interest in Indianapolis since the beginning. […] With so many of our employees calling the Indianapolis area home and an increasingly competitive talent pool to draw from, I’m proud to have reached this milestone. It’s outstanding to be able to provide a hub for the team, as well as cement our position as a top employment destination in Indianapolis.” […]

“Corporate demand for artificial intelligence is driving growth for startups, and Hoosier companies are leveraging this technology at advanced levels. […] Indiana’s great universities, skilled workforce and excellent quality of life attract companies like Atrium to our state, which builds upon Indiana’s tech reputation.”


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