Right to Work Kentucky Supports Economic Growth

Kentucky’s Right to Work laws make growing here easy for businesses. That’s why so many are finding themselve locating or expanding here. Some of the most recent Right to Work Kentucky investments are coming from Green River Meats and Rapid Industries, as well as Hollobus Technologies and Catalent. Read on in order to learn more!

Green River Meats:

Green River Meats is investing $2.3 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Campbellsville, Kentucky. This will also create 25 new jobs.

“[We are] excited about starting our new meat processing facility and retail storefront for direct-to-consumer sales in Campbellsville. […] Green River Meats will be able to serve residents and agriculture producers in the region for years to come. Green River Meats will be a place to buy fresh locally produced protein and a place for families to have the cattle and hogs they produce processed to take back to their families or market their products.” […]

“I want to welcome Green River Meats to the commonwealth and hope to see this company grow well into the future. […] Kentucky’s food, beverage and agritech sector includes businesses with a wide range of specialties, and it is great to add another company to that list that will work with and support local farmers and livestock producers.” […]

“We are excited to assist Green River Meats in the creation of their new business. […] It’s always good to have local entrepreneurs invest in their community, spurring new job growth and capital investment. Being able to take a locally grown agriculture product and create a value-added food processing company here is great.”


Rapid Industries:

Rapid Industries is investing $6.8 million toward an expansion in Right to Work Jefferson County, Kentucky. This will also create 25 new jobs!

“Rapid Industries has produced conveyor systems in Kentucky for decades. […] Congratulations to everyone at Rapid Industries. I look forward to seeing what’s next for this quality employer in Louisville.” […]

“Benefiting from our competitive cost of doing business and central location, the e-commerce and logistics sectors have grown into a more than $5 billion industry locally. […] Rapid Industries provides critical infrastructure that helps logistics companies move and sort packages accurately and efficiently. We are excited to see the continued growth of companies in Louisville within this critical industry and congratulate Rapid Industries on their expansion!”


Hollobus Technologies:

Hollobus Technologies is investing $2.25 million toward a new location in Right to Work Murray, Kentucky. This will also create 150 new jobs!

“Hollobus is a company that will be a great fit for Murray and Calloway County, and I hope to see it grow for decades to come. Thank you to the leaders at Hollobus for their part in helping build a brighter future in the Commonwealth.” […]

“TVA and Murray Electric Systems congratulate Hollobus Technologies Inc. on its decision to establish operations in Calloway County. […] Supporting companies, like Hollobus, creating new jobs and investment in the region is fundamental to TVA’s mission of service. We are proud to partner with the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development and Murray-Calloway County Economic Development Corp. to help further that mission and celebrate this announcement together.” […]

“The skills that will be needed by Hollobus are very familiar to our workforce and include precision metal work, welding and assembly as well as other skills to be learned. We think the future is bright for Hollobus and its owners and pledge to continue doing all we can to assist in their, and our, ultimate success.”



Catalent is creating 277 new jobs in Right to Work Clark County, Kentucky. This comes as a result of a $175 million expansion.

“We look forward to further investing and growing in Winchester. […] The state of Kentucky’s talented workforce, tight-knit community and business environment provide major advantages to the future growth of Catalent.” […]

“It’s always great to see existing companies expand in Kentucky, but it’s even better when that growth includes great jobs for our residents. […] Catalent has been an important part of the Winchester community and the creation of 277 well-paying jobs will strengthen its presence in Clark County in the years to come. Thank you to Catalent’s leadership for continuing to create excellent job opportunities in our state.”


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