Right to Work Kentucky’s Most Recent Economic Updates

Companies investing in Right to Work Kentucky include Lexair and Lakeshore Learning Materials, as well as Trader Joe’s. Read more in order to learn more about these great economic advancements!


Lexair is investing $8.5 million in order to expand in Right to Work Lexington, Kentucky. This will also create 14 new jobs!

“This expansion provides for the future viability of Lexair, benefiting its customers, employees and community for many years to come.” […]

“Lexair has been a staple in Kentucky’s manufacturing industry for over four decades, and I am thrilled to see them continue to grow and believe in what Kentucky has to offer. I look forward to their continued success here in the commonwealth.” […]

“For many years, Lexair has provided excellent customer service, product engineering, component machining and manufacturing right here in Central Kentucky.”


Lakeshore Learning Materials:

Lakeshore Learning Materials is investing $27.3 million in order to expand and create 40 new jobs in Right to Work Midway, Kentucky.

“Lakeshore Learning values its partnership with the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the Midway community. […] We’re proud to continue to grow here and look forward to serving even more customers with this expansion.” […]

“I am excited to announce Kentucky’s expanding partnership with Lakeshore Learning Materials. […] The company has already created 338 jobs for Kentuckians and will create 40 new positions in the coming months. I want to thank Lakeshore’s leaders for their investment in the commonwealth and this welcome addition to the Midway community.”


Trader Joe’s:

Trader Joe’s is investing $259 million in order to establish a new facility and create 876 new jobs in Right to Work Simpson County, Kentucky.

“Leading companies like Trader Joe’s are choosing Kentucky for our exceptional workforce. […] This new location is creating a significant number of new job opportunities for Kentuckians and will be a great addition to the Franklin community. I look forward to seeing Trader Joe’s continued success here in the commonwealth.” […]

“When we created the new Stone-Givens Industrial Park we were hoping to attract a major client to Franklin. […] Trader Joe’s is a world class company, and we are very excited about their location in our newest industrial park. We certainly welcome the hundreds of jobs Trader Joe’s will be creating with their project.”


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