Right to Work Louisiana Welcomes $10.072 Billion in Investments

Three businesses are investing soon in Right to Work Louisiana. These are Venture Global, Intralox, and S&W Wholesale Foods. Altogether, these three companies will invest a total of $10.072 billion toward Louisiana’s economy. So this is exciting news! In addition, they will also create hundreds of news jobs. Read on in order to learn more about each investment!

Venture Global:

Venture Global is investing $10 billion in order to add a new facility in Right to Work Cameron Parish, Louisiana. This will also create 200 new jobs!

“CP2 will be located in Cameron Parish, adjacent to our existing Calcasieu Pass terminal. […] These two projects, combined with our Plaquemines LNG facility now under construction, represent over $20 billion of investment in the State of Louisiana, and will create thousands of good paying jobs. With two major LNG export projects currently under active construction, Venture Global is on a mission to produce the cleanest low-cost LNG in North America.” […]

“Venture Global has invested significantly in Louisiana’s economy, and I am proud to celebrate this exciting new project with them. […] The CP2 facility in Cameron will create more than 1,000 new permanent jobs and thousands of construction jobs in the area, which will have a significant impact on our economy.” […]



Intralox is investing $60 million in order to expand in Right to Work Hammond, Louisiana. This will also create 425 new jobs!

“I am proud to celebrate this new expansion of Intralox’s manufacturing facility in Hammond. […] What better way to commemorate this milestone anniversary than with a renewed commitment to our state and her people. The 425 direct new Intralox jobs in Hammond will result in increased economic activity, and tremendous success for this homegrown company.” […]

“Laitram and Intralox might be known as an advanced manufacturing company, but in my mind, they are really a talent factory. […] With this in mind, it is particularly exciting to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company with the addition of hundreds of new Laitram and Intralox employees in Tangipahoa and Greater New Orleans.”


S&W Wholesale Foods:

S&W Wholesale Foods is investing $12 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Hammond, Louisiana. This will create 30 new jobs!

“Hammond is my hometown and where our company was first started over 40 years ago.” […]

“S&W Wholesale has enjoyed a long history of success and growth in Louisiana, and their expansion near Hammond is evidence of the continued economic vibrancy of Tangipahoa Parish. […] I am proud to celebrate this new chapter in S&W’s history, and I congratulate company leadership and the surrounding community on the new opportunities and economic growth that will follow.” […]

“S&W Wholesale Foods is a multi-generational legacy company started right here in Tangipahoa over 43 years ago. […] The substantial investment they are making to create more jobs and expand their company footprint shows the Spalitta family’s continued commitment to our community. We look forward to celebrating their continued success for many years to come.”


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