Right to Work Louisiana Good For Business

Due to its Right to Work laws, the state of Louisiana is perfect for businesses. In fact, it has caught the eyes of two businesses – Air Products and Possibility Space. In addition, Big Easy Bucha is expanding here within the state. These three companies will help further the economy and also create new opportunities for others. So this is exciting news!

Read on to learn more about each investment and see what others are saying.

Big Easy Bucha:

Big Easy Bucha is expanding soon in Right to Work New Orleans, Louisiana. This will also create 50 new jobs for the area!

“Louisiana has long been known for its contributions to the food and beverage world. I’m excited to announce that this unique, New Orleans-made beverage line is expanding its operations. […] With this expansion, Big Easy will be able to connect their product to a wider audience. I am particularly proud to say that the company is committed to hiring from underemployed populations, sharing its economic success with the community.” […]

“Big Easy Bucha has grown like a SCOBY in a fresh batch of kombucha. […] From a small startup at Edible Enterprises in St. Charles Parish, Austin and Alexis have grown Big Easy to the point where this acquisition will give them a bigger workforce, international distribution, and the latest New Orleans food product to be enjoyed around the world.”


Air Products:

Air Products is investing $4.5 billion toward a new complex in Right to Work Ascension Parish, Louisiana. This will create 170 new jobs as well!

“The Capital Region is at the leading edge of the transitional energy sector, and Air Products’ decision to build one of the world’s largest low-carbon hydrogen projects here underscores that the talent, infrastructure, and business climate is turn-key for clean energy investments of a global scale. […] We congratulate our partners in Ascension Parish and look forward to working together to support Air Products.”


Possibility Space:

Possibility Space is adding a new location soon in Right to Work New Orleans, Louisiana. This will mean 75 new jobs as well!

“The arrival of Possibility Space further secures our standing as a leader in interactive entertainment development, which continues to offer high-paying tech jobs for Louisiana residents. […] With an industry innovator such as Jeff Strain at the helm, this project could be a game-changer for video game development in Louisiana. We welcome Possibility Space as we continue to expand this exciting sector of our economy.” […]

“With the addition of the Possibility Space studio, Greater New Orleans can now legitimately stake a claim as one of the leading video game development hubs in America. […] When paired with the vision from his wife, Annie, it is clear that Possibility Space is aptly named.”


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