Right to Work Louisiana Sees New Business Investments

Two companies are investing soon in Right to Work Louisiana. These are Premier Health Consultants and Coastal Plains Meat Company. Premier Health Consultants is planning an expansion of its current location in Baton Rouge. Meanwhile, Coastal Plains Meat Company is adding a new location in Eunice.

Read on to find out more about these investments!

Premier Health Consultants:

Premier Health Consultants is investing $1.5 million toward expanding headquarters in Right to work Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This will also create 50 new jobs!

“We care about our state and the people who live here. We also believe the need for improved access to convenient, quality healthcare is not going away, in Louisiana or anywhere for that matter. […] With LED’s support, Premier will continue to grow its administrative infrastructure and clinic footprint across Louisiana, resulting in more jobs and increased access to convenient, quality healthcare.” […]

“As Premier Health extends its reach across much of the U.S., its success resonates for the Capital Region with the expansion of its headquarters in Baton Rouge. […] Since its launch 22 years ago, the company has become a recognized leader in the urgent care industry. The demand for quality and accessible healthcare continues to grow, here in Louisiana and across the country, and we are happy to see Premier Health respond to that need with this expansion project.” […]

“This project not only retains a Baton Rouge-headquartered company, but also lays the groundwork for major expansion in years to come. […] Quality healthcare is more important than it has ever been, and BRAC has been pleased to work with Premier to secure their future in the Capital Region.”


Coastal Plains Meat Company:

Coastal Plains Meat Company is opening a new location soon in Right to Work Eunice, Louisiana. This will allow them to increase meat processing.

“We are excited to partner with Louisiana Economic Development and the Department of Agriculture. […] Drive, tenacity, and a sense of purpose are attributes that veterans possess, and employers look for in a workforce. We want to develop Louisiana agriculture with as many veterans as possible.” […]

“Louisiana is proud to welcome Coastal Plains Meat Company’s expanded facility to Eunice. […] Coastal Plains will not only bring new jobs to Acadiana, but support other Louisiana businesses and rural communities with its commitment to sourcing from Louisiana cattle farms and ranches. As a veteran myself, I am especially pleased that the leadership of Coastal Plains has chosen to pay forward their service to their country by participating in Louisiana’s Veteran’s Initiative Program.” […]

“We’re proud to celebrate Coastal Plains Meat Company’s expansion. […] We’re excited for our partners at St. Landry Economic Development and look forward to helping Coastal Plains continue to grow and find success in South Louisiana.”


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