What Companies are Investing in Right to Work Louisiana?

Three companies that are investing soon in Right to Work Louisiana are Coca-Cola UNITED, Interfor Corporation, and Hunt Forest Corporation. Interfor and Hunt Forest are both adding new locations. Meanwhile, Coca-Cola UNITED is expanding in Baton Rouge. Altogether, these companies will invest $290 million into the economy. In addition, they will also create 315 new jobs. So this is great news!

Read on to learn more about each investment.

Coca-Cola UNITED:

Coca-Cola UNITED is expanding soon in Right to Work Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a $42 million investment. This will also create 15 new jobs!

“I am proud to welcome this potential new expansion by Coca-Cola UNITED in Baton Rouge. […] Louisiana has long been a part of Coca-Cola UNITED’S territory. We are hopeful their state-of-the-art facility in Baton Rouge will stay on the cutting edge with the latest in distribution and supply chain technology. The retention of more than 550 jobs and the creation of 15 new jobs is a testament to the highly-skilled Louisiana workforce.” […]

“We’re excited to see such an engaged corporate citizen like Coca-Cola UNITED compete for investment funding for the future success of its Baton Rouge location. […] This project could add 15 new permanent jobs at its Plank Road facility, and, more importantly, modernize its technology to keep it at the cutting edge and protect hundreds of existing jobs. We hope East Baton Rouge can secure this project for the benefit of jobs in north Baton Rouge and the region as a whole.”


Interfor Corporation:

Interfor Corporation is adding a new location in Right to Work DeQuincy, Louisiana with an $8 million investment. This will create 170 new jobs!

“On behalf of the State of Louisiana, I encourage and welcome Interfor’s investment near DeQuincy. […] Louisiana’s lumber industry is one of our most profitable agricultural exports, and the market for lumber is red hot right now. Interfor brings industry leadership and know-how to this project, and I am excited to say this new investment will create hundreds of new direct and indirect jobs to Louisiana.” […]

“The restart of the lumber mill at DeQuincy by Interfor is a huge economic win for southwest Louisiana. […] Interfor purchased the shuttered lumber mill from Georgia Pacific, and is investing millions of dollars in preparation of restarting the mill. This investment would create an estimated 45 construction jobs. When the mill is fully operational, Interfor plans to employ 170 permanent workers in quality jobs. We welcome Interfor to southwest Louisiana and thank them for reopening the lumber mill in DeQuincy.”


Hunt Forest Products:

Hunt Forest Products is investing $240 million toward a new location in Right to Work Bienville Parish, Louisiana. This will also create 130 new jobs!

“We are excited to be bringing our second high-tech sawmill and the skilled jobs it will provide. […] This sawmill will provide a local outlet for the massive inventory of southern yellow pine that exists in this state. […] It’s a win-win for everyone.” […]

“Our first venture into the United States was in partnership with Hunt Forest Products. […] So, we are looking forward to working with the Hunt family again to bring another state-of-the-art sawmill, and jobs, to Louisiana.” […]

“The partnership of Hunt and Tolko is providing tremendous benefits to our state, particularly in the heart of Louisiana’s timber industry. […] This new facility will be a great economic boost to Louisiana’s Northwest Region, resulting in hundreds of direct and indirect new jobs across the construction, forestry, industrial services and retail sectors of Bienville Parish and beyond.”


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