What Companies are Investing in Right to Work Louisiana?

Right to Work states are always attracting new businesses and supporting growth, and that includes Louisiana. Three businesses that are investing soon in Right to Work Louisiana include Continental Structural Plastics, KIK Construction Products, and Chalmette Refining. Read on so you can learn more about each investment!

Continental Structural Plastics:

Continental Structural Plastics is expanding soon in Right to work Sarepta, Louisiana with a $12.1 million investment. This will also create 33 new jobs!

“Continental Structural Plastics has found success in Sarepta, manufacturing quality products for the automotive industry and other end-users. […] Our local and regional economic development partners in Louisiana’s Northwest Region are working hard with us to sustain a strong business climate and promote business growth such as this. As CSP continues to excel, we welcome the jobs this project will create for our rural workforce in Webster Parish.” […]

“Continental Structural Plastics’ additional investment and job creation in the Sarepta community is a testimony to North Louisiana’s steadfast workforce and strong business climate.” […]


KIK Construction Products:

KIK Consumer Products is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Westlake, Louisiana with a $170 million investment. This will also create 82 new jobs!

“Today’s announcement is a testament to the fortitude, determination and resilience of our people and our business climate. […] Hurricane Laura pushed Southwest Louisiana to its heels, but the people of this region have shown strength throughout its long and storied history. We welcome BioLab’s reinvestment in Westlake and are grateful for their support in helping this region come back stronger.” […]

“We are very pleased that BioLab is rebuilding their facility here in Southwest Louisiana. […] This will result in more than 80 direct jobs and about 200 indirect jobs. While this plant has been closed, a shortage has developed of many household products and swimming pool chemicals. The scarcity of these products from this facility received national attention. Many across the nation will welcome a new BioLab plant.”


Chalmette Refining:

Chalmette Refining may be investing $550 million soon toward a new facility in Right to Work St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. This will be great for the economy!

We are proud that our team has worked with Chalmette Refining, Louisiana Economic Development and elected officials over the past year to help bring this project to fruition, to bring investment, jobs and clean energy to St. Bernard and the region.” […]

“Chalmette Refining is an important asset to St. Bernard Parish and a pillar of our community. […] We are grateful our parish’s largest private business employer is eager to continue investing here. This is our chance to show that St. Bernard Parish is not only welcoming to new businesses, but also supports the innovation and growth of existing companies. St. Bernard Parish is one of many locations being considered for this potential project, and our decision can make all the difference.”


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