What’s New In Right to Work Louisiana?

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Three companies are investing soon in Right to Work Louisiana. These are Canfor Corporation, Swaybox Studios, and Breeze Airways. Canfor Corporation and Breeze Airways are both adding new locations. Meanwhile, Swaybox Studies is expanding in Jefferson Parish. Canfor Corporation’s new location will be in Beauregard Parish while Breeze Airways will be locating in New Orleans. Read on to find out more about these amazing investments!

Canfor Corporation:

Canfor Corporation is adding a new location in Right to Work Beauregard Parish, Louisiana with a $160 million investment that will also create 130 new jobs!

“Agribusiness remains one of our key industries for growing Louisiana’s economy, and our state offers unique advantages that attracted Canfor here. […] This major new manufacturing project can resonate across the region’s economy in a variety of ways. We welcome plans for this foreign direct investment in Louisiana by this industry leader, and we look forward to the good jobs this project is expected to create in Beauregard Parish for the region’s skilled workforce.” […]


Swaybox Studios:

Swaybox Studios is expanding soon in Right to Work Jefferson Parish. They also plan to create six new jobs immediately as a result.

“Louisiana is a leading destination for entertainment activity, thanks to our talented industry workforce and the excellent production infrastructure that has developed in our state. […] We remain committed to creating permanent, quality entertainment jobs for this important Louisiana industry. We welcome the expansion of Swaybox Studios through our Entertainment Job Creation Program.” […]

“Swaybox’s continued expansion demonstrates how our state’s incentive programs lead directly to job creation now and for the future. […] We look forward to seeing Louisianans at work in their offices.”


Breeze Airways:

Breeze Airways is adding a new location in Right to Work New Orleans, Louisiana with a $6.6 million investment that will also create 261 new jobs!

“As we emerge from the pandemic, we understand full well the amount of pent-up excitement to travel once more, both for excited tourists to experience our unique and welcoming culture, as well as for Louisiana residents to explore new destinations. […] Today, I am proud to announce new destination offerings, courtesy of our latest airline partner, Breeze Airways. In addition to these exciting routes, Breeze Airways is also creating great new opportunities for our people as they establish their maintenance base at MSY. We welcome Breeze Airways and wish them success here in New Orleans and beyond.” […]


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