Where are Amazon and Strategic Biofuels Adding Locations?

Amazon and Strategic Biofuels are both investing in Right to Work Louisiana! Amazon will be adding a new fulfillment center soon in Shreveport. Meanwhile, Strategic Biofuels is adding a new location in Caldwell Parish. Altogether, these two investments will create 1,076 new jobs. So these will both be great additions to Louisiana’s economy!

Read on to find out more about these investments.


Amazon is opening a new robotics fulfillment center in Right to Work Shreveport, Louisiana. This will create over 1,000 new jobs!

“Amazon may be a global business, but it’s made up of small businesses and communities. From the local jobs we bring, to the local people we employ, train, and upskill, our business is [consists] of people from communities like Shreveport. […] We look forward to becoming part of the fabric of the local community.” […]

“This new Amazon project is a major advancement for the Shreveport-Bossier City metro area and for Louisiana’s economy. […] In addition to providing strong benefits, Amazon will pay workers double the minimum wage or more […]. Through partnerships with our elected officials, economic development allies and utility partners, we are proving that great things are possible in Louisiana when we make smart plans for the future.” […]


Strategic Biofuels:

Strategic Biofuels is investing $700 million toward a new location in Right to Work Caldwell Parish, Louisiana. This will create 76 new jobs!

“Caldwell Parish is the ideal location for our Louisiana Green Fuels plant,. […] It combines the required forestry waste feedstock for fuel production and the right geology for carbon sequestration within the State of Louisiana’s visionary legislative framework, which has been further strengthened by the Climate Initiative established by Governor Edwards. We are especially thankful for his signature on the recent $200 million tax-free bond allocation, which substantially advances the financing for this project.” […]


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