What Do Lineage Logistics and Turner Industries Have in Common?

Lineage Logistics and Turner Industries are both investing in Right to Work Louisiana!

Lineage Logistics will be expanding in East New Orleans with a $42 million investment. Meanwhile, Turner Industries is adding a new location at the Port of Iberia with a $35 million investment.

These investments will provide new opportunities such as new jobs for these areas! Read on to find out more about each investment!

Lineage Logistics:

“The […] project at the Port of New Orleans is a boon for the City of New Orleans and our entire state. […] The value-added exports of Lineage Logistics will continue to strengthen Louisiana’s $1.6 billion poultry industry, including nearly 300 commercial broiler producers throughout 11 parishes. We welcome this significant new investment and its economic impact across Louisiana.”


Turner Industries:

“This is a tremendous opportunity for the Port of Iberia. […] The fact that Turner Industries chose the Port of Iberia over 29 other coastal ports speaks to how important our port infrastructure is. This will be a tremendous opportunity for all of Acadiana, as we support Turner Industries in securing the most significant industrial construction opportunities of the future.”


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