What do Gramercy Labs and ElementUS Have in Common?

They’re both investing in Right to Work Louisiana! Gramercy Labs will be investing in a new location in New Orleans while ElementUS will be adding a new location in Gramercy, Louisiana. Both of these businesses will create many new jobs for the state, so these are great economic additions! Read on to find out more about each investment.


“We are excited to be partnering with DADA Holdings and bringing our green technology to Louisiana and the Noranda Alumina site. […] We have a proud history of developing and implementing green technology projects, and are confident that the partnership of ElementUS, Noranda Alumina and the great state of Louisiana will be a long and mutually beneficial one.”


Gramercy Labs:

“Louisiana Economic Development has established strong partnerships with the state’s education providers. […] We’ve added focused incentives to support the job creation in tech, digital media and film in our state. New Orleans continues to rise and it is a magnet for such talent, Gramercy Labs becoming an exciting new addition to what powers our local economy.”


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