Right to Work Louisiana Welcomes Eco-Friendly Businesses

Many of Louisiana’s current businesses are investing in improvements, many of which are gears toward reducing environmental impacts. The state provides an economic climate that makes growth possible so companies can be innovative and forward-thinking. Companies that recently announced investments include Grön Fuels, Brightside Clinic and Everso Systems, CF Industries, and Weyerhaeuser. This will also be CF Industries’ second investment over the past few months. And Grön Fuels alone will be investing $1.25 million and hiring 340 people. Read below to see what’s being said of each company.

Grön Fuels:

“Fidelis brings hundreds of quality, high-paying jobs and huge capital investment during a critical time for both jobs and innovation for this sector. This is a big deal, and puts metro Baton Rouge on the map as home to the largest renewable fuel refinery in the world.”


Brightside Clinic and Everso Systems:

“The innovations these companies are making in mental healthcare and health-based software development are essential for the continued diversification of our regional economy[. T]hese new employment opportunities will provide strong job options for our residents.”


CF Industries:

We’ve witnessed the value this company brings to our state economy and workforce[. T]his latest commitment adds crucial vision to that value. LED looks forward to supporting the additional jobs and investment this initiative will deliver, and the environmental gains[…]”



“Weyerhaeuser is an important component of the wood products industry, which is a driver of the Central Louisiana economy. […] We applaud their leadership for commitment to the region with the addition of new jobs and capital investment.


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