Right to Work Michigan’s Latest Economic Developments

Companies choose to invest in Right to Work Michigan because it fosters great benefits for helping businesses grow. Some of the most recent Right to Work Michigan investments are coming from HOLO Footwear and Twisthink, as well as Rexair. Some are adding new locations while others continue to grow and expand. Read on in order to find out more!

HOLO Footwear:

HOLO Footwear is investing $1.5 million in order to relocate headquarters to Right to Work Grand Rapids, Michigan, creating 61 new jobs.

We’re proud to join our partners at The Right Place and the city of Grand Rapids as we celebrate HOLO’s new headquarters. We look forward to working together to add jobs and provide greater opportunities for our friends and neighbors.” […]

“Since their launch in 2020, HOLO Footwear is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. […] With the strong talent pool and robust economic environment, not to mention the amazing outdoor recreational playground that West Michigan has to offer, we think HOLO Footwear will thrive here in the region.”

“HOLO Footwear’s headquarters is a great addition to the city of Grand Rapids. We appreciate HOLO’s commitment to making outdoor gear accessible for everyone and using recycled and renewable materials in its manufacturing processes. […] Its ownership and environmental sustainability practices are precisely the types of companies we are looking to attract to Grand Rapids and the region.”



Twisthink is investing $2.2 million in order to locate to Right to Work Grand Rapids, Michigan. This will also create 37 new jobs.

“Grand Rapids continues to establish itself as a premier tech and professional services hub in the state and this investment by Twisthink further highlights the competitive advantages our state has to offer growing tech businesses, from the strength of our business climate to our talented workforce. […] We’re grateful to Governor Whitmer, legislators and local officials for their continued support of the Michigan Business Development Program. We are grateful to Twisthink for this vote of confidence and we’re proud to join The Right Place and our local partners as we send the message that tech innovation still calls West Michigan home.” […]

“Over the last 20 years Twisthink has achieved impressive growth and developed a strong portfolio of clients nationwide. […] Twisthink choosing to continue its accelerated growth here further establishes the Greater Grand Rapids region as a leading location for tech in the Midwest.”



Rexair is investing $3.35 million in order to expand in Right to Work Cadillac, Michigan. As a result, this will create 9 new jobs.

“Rexair is excited to be working with MEDC and the city of Cadillac in our combined efforts to grow Michigan’s economy and employment opportunities. […] This is truly a team effort to invest in all our futures.” […]

“I am thrilled to learn about Rexair’s continued commitment to reinvest in their city of Cadillac, Michigan facility, and it is truly wonderful to see the impact of the collaborative efforts between the MEDC and the City result in such a positive outcome. […] The creation of new positions coupled with nearly $1.4 million in capital investment will lead to more local sustainability for the Rexair facility, additional employment opportunities, and is another great example of the viability of Cadillac as the place for economic development activities. A sincere thank you to both Rexair and the MEDC for making this investment in the city of Cadillac.”


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