Right to Work Mississippi Economy Benefits Businesses

Some of the latest Right to Work Mississippi investments come from Voyant Beauty and Madera Fuels, as well as Tull Brothers. The great economic environment is allowing Voyant Beauty and Tull Brothers to expand. Meanwhile, it is also attracting new businesses, and Madera Fuels is a great example of that.

Read on to learn more about each investment!

Voyant Beauty:

Voyant Beauty is investing $13.17 million in order to expand in Right to Work Olive Branch, Mississippi. This will create 80 new jobs!

“MDA is glad to support Voyant Beauty as the company invests in its Olive Branch operations and generates new job opportunities for the people of DeSoto County. Economic development successes like this would not be possible without strong partnerships, such as those between MDA, the DeSoto County Economic Development Council, the city of Olive Branch, DeSoto County and the Tennessee Valley Authority, which share a common goal of building stronger, more vibrant communities through new investment and job creation.” […]

“The city of Olive Branch is excited that Voyant Beauty is increasing their operation and presence in our city. This investment signifies the ongoing confidence of the business community in Olive Branch’s business friendly atmosphere and proven labor market. We look forward to partnering with them for continued success.” 


Madera Fuels:

Madera Fuels is locating to Right to Work Vicksburg, Mississippi with a $4.8 million investment. This will also create 30 new jobs!

“I have developed projects in many states, as well as overseas. Our experience in Mississippi as Madera Fuels developed our investment has been exemplary. Mississippi has an efficient, dedicated team of economic professionals who have consistently assisted Madera Fuels in a variety of important matters.” […]

“Mississippi has welcomed a number of economic development wins to the state so far this year. The announcement that Madera Fuels is creating 30 new jobs by opening recycling operations in Vicksburg continues that upward trend.” […]

“We are excited about working with Madera Fuels as their business grows in Vicksburg.” 


Tull Brothers:

Tull Brothers is investing $2.164 million in order to expand in Right to Work Corinth, Mississippi. This will also create 15 new jobs!

“MDA is proud to support Tull Brothers as this industry-leading manufacturer invests not only in its operations, but in its employees and in the Corinth community. We offer strong competitive advantages that encourage businesses to grow and bring good jobs to their communities, as evidenced by Tull Brothers’ latest expansion.” […]

“TVA and ACE Power congratulate Tull Brothers on its decision to expand operations and create new job opportunities in Corinth. Helping to foster job creation and investment in the Valley is fundamental to TVA’s mission of service. We are proud to partner with The Alliance, Alcorn County, and Mississippi Development Authority to help further that mission and look forward to Tull Brothers continued business success in North Mississippi.” […]

“This is a special economic development win for Corinth and Alcorn County. Tull Brothers is displaying their great corporate citizenship by further investing in our community and our workforce.” 


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