Right to Work North Carolina’s Booming Job Growth and Expansion

Even given all of the economic issues that the COVID crisis has caused, the North Carolina economy is doing very well. In fact, you could even say that business is booming. There are four businesses that are planning large expansions within their North Carolina location right now.

Among them are Cornerstone Building Brands, Nuvotronics, BioAgilytix Labs, and East Coast Steel Fabrication Inc. So this will mean nearly $137 million being invested into North Carolina’s economy. All of these combined will also bring in a total of 1,094 jobs. One thing’s for sure – this state’s labor structure means that there isn’t much that will get in the way of them growing.

So check out what people are saying about what each business has to offer!

Cornerstone Building Brands:

“North Carolina’s growing population and resilient economy is producing exciting opportunities across industries and regions. […] Our modern infrastructure, ready workforce and convenient market access are among the key assets that growth-minded companies like Cornerstone Building Brands seek […].”



“The expansion of this innovative company signals once again about North Carolina’s resistance during the pandemic. […] Our advanced manufacturing and technology workforce will help them meet their goals.” […]



“North Carolina invented the Contract Research Organization model, an innovation that revolutionized the process of drug discovery and development. […] BioAgilytix’s expansion validates our state’s continued relevance for this important sector of the life science industry.” […]


East Coast Steel Fabrication:

“This expansion shows North Carolina is a place where businesses want to build their future. […] Companies like East Coast Steel Fabrication continue to choose our state for expansion because we have the workforce and stability, even in a pandemic, to help keep their business growing.”


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