Right to Work South Carolina Attracts New Businesses!

Right to Work South Carolina is seeing new economic developments happening as a result of the Right to Work environment. Companies that are contributing to the economic growth include Prestage Farms and STAR EV, as well as Solstice Sleep Products and Epsilon. Prestage Farms, Solstice Sleep Products, and Epsilon will all soon be calling North Carolina home. Meanwhile, STAR EV is expanding in its current location. Altogether, these four great companies will create 567 new jobs for the state. So this is great news!

Read on to find out more about each investment!

Prestage Farms:

Prestage Farms is adding a new location in Right to Work Camden, South Carolina as a result of a $150 million investment. This will also create 292 new jobs!

“The Palmetto State has a rich history in agribusiness, and today’s announcement by Prestage Farms of South Carolina shows that this industry continues to flourish. The $150 million investment and 292 new jobs underscore the company’s commitment to Kershaw County and to South Carolina, and we look forward to our continued partnership.” […]

“Thank you, Prestage Farms of South Carolina, LLC, for your dedication to Kershaw County. Food and jobs help fuel our communities, and investments like today’s announcement bring both of those things home. We are excited for the future of Prestage Farms of South Carolina and celebrate today’s win alongside our friends and partners in Kershaw and the state.”



STAR EV is expanding soon in Right to Work Simpsonville, South Carolina with an $8.7 million investment. This will also create 50 new jobs!

“We are ecstatic to be expanding our manufacturing operations to better serve our customers. This expansion will raise our STAR EV brand recognition to a new level in the global market. We’d like to thank Greenville County and the state for their outstanding support, and we look forward to this continued partnership for years to come.” […]  

“Golf and other outdoor recreational activities are such an important part of South Carolina’s tourism industry, and we are excited when companies that support quality of life for residents and visitors continue to invest within our borders. We appreciate STAR EV’s ongoing commitment to Greenville and to South Carolina.” 


Solstice Sleep Products:

Solstice Sleep Products is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Marion, South Carolina. This will also create 80 new jobs for Marion County!

“We are proud to work with the state of South Carolina and Marion County to expand our base of operations throughout the Southeast! Marion, South Carolina will help us secure our long-term growth plans with our dealer base and meet their growing business demands. I would like to thank Dr. Julie Norman, executive director of the Marion County Economic Development Commission, for all her help to get this project completed with Solstice Sleep Products, Inc.” […]

“Manufacturing and distribution continue to be a source of job creation throughout our state. We congratulate Solstice Sleep Products, Inc. on this announcement in Marion County. We welcome the company to South Carolina’s business community.”



Epsilon is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Greenville County, South Carolina with a $2.6 million investment. This will also create 145 new jobs!

“Epsilon, Inc. is excited to be opening a base of operations in Greenville. […] Epsilon, Inc. looks forward to being a part of the growing business community here in the Upstate and to expand our support to regional and national clients from South Carolina.”

“It is great to see a technology company like Epsilon, Inc. establish operations in the Palmetto State. […] Investments like this showcase the diversity of South Carolina and that our state is just right for these firms.” […]

“Epsilon, Inc.’s continuing growth reflects the organization’s focus on aligning information technology with customer objectives to eliminate complexity and improve performance and compliance. […] We welcome their expansion and 145 new IT-related jobs to the Greenville County community.”


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