Right to Work South Carolina Businesses are Expanding!

Right to Work South Carolina provides an economic environment perfect for business growth. And we have four of the latest expansions compiled right here for you. The state is seeing expansions from Plastic Omnium and Sea Pro Boats, as well as Glen Raven and Argents Air Express. And, these investments will also create new opportunities for workers. Altogether, they will create nearly 300 new jobs. So this is exciting news!

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Plastic Omnium:

Plastic Omnium is investing $17.7 million in order to expand in Right to Work Anderson, South Carolina. This will also create 76 new jobs!

“With over a 25-year presence in Anderson S.C., Plastic Omnium is happy to announce further investments and jobs. It underlines the attractivity of the automotive business in South Carolina, the growth of Plastic Omnium and its long-term commitment in this region, strengthening the group’s relationship with its customers.” […]

“This recent surge by South Carolina’s automotive industry to increase electric vehicle production continues to make a positive impact in our state and our environment. I offer my congratulations to Plastic Omnium for expanding in Anderson County, and I look forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come.”


Sea Pro Boats:

Sea Pro Boats is investing $3.7 million in order to expand in Right to Work Whitmire, South Carolina. This will create 50 new jobs!

“Sea Pro Boats, LLC is pleased and excited to be part of a growing county that can offer many different employment options as well as produce a product for our customers that is of top quality and made with integrity.” […]

“The recruitment of Sea Pro Boats, LLC to a vacant textiles factory near Whitmire back in 2015 was the first significant economic development that has happened in Whitmire in years. […] We wish them many, many years of continued success at producing some of the finest boats in the world.” […]

“Sea Pro Boats, LLC’s commitment to grow in Newberry County demonstrates the favorable conditions that exist for businesses to thrive locally. When the company announced its new headquarters and manufacturing operations in Whitmire just a few years ago, it also brought the excitement of increased opportunity for the community and the people within. We wish the company and our friends in Newberry well as they begin this expansion.”  


Glen Raven:

Glen Raven is investing $70 million in order to expand in Right to Work Anderson, South Carolina. This will create 135 new jobs!

“We’ve been a proud part of the Anderson County community since 1986. Over the decades, dedicated and skilled South Carolinians have been critical to our growth. We are thrilled to expand on our great partnership and look forward to creating more growth for our company and the community, together.”  […]

“Team South Carolina is committed to ensuring the success of our state’s existing industry. Today’s expansion announcement by Glen Raven Inc. in Anderson County is reason to celebrate. This is a huge win for the local community and the state as a whole, and we couldn’t be happier.”


Argents Air Express:

Argents Air Express is expanding soon in Right to Work North Charleston, South Carolina with a $400,000 investment. This will also create 35 new jobs!

“When companies like Argents are able to build on their success in South Carolina, it showcases the strength of our business-friendly environment and talented workforce. We couldn’t be happier for this company and their growth in Charleston County.”


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