Right to Work South Carolina Economy is Booming

South Carolina’s economy is strong as a result of its Right to Work laws. In fact, companies are expanding and adding new locations all the time. Two companies that are expanding soon are Sportsman Boats and Daye North America. Meanwhile, CAIF is adding a new location within the state.

Read on in order to learn more about each investment!

Sportsman Boats:

Sportsman Boats Manufacturing is expanding with a $8 million investment in Right to Work Summerville, South Carolina. This will also create 75 new jobs.

“Sportsman Boats Manufacturing Inc. is a great example of South Carolina-grown entrepreneurship. They began here in our state, and they continue to grow and strengthen our economy. We congratulate them on their $8 million investment and 75 new jobs.”



CAIF is investing $5 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work West Columbia, South Carolina, creating 20 new jobs!

“We are thrilled to establish our presence and continue building the CAIF brand in the Palmetto State. I would like to whole-heartedly thank the South Carolina Department of Commerce and Lexington County for assisting with this project. It is truly exciting knowing that our planned new operation will positively contribute to the local economy and generate at least 20 new jobs in the area within just the first phase of our project.” […]

“South Carolina has shown that we have the recipe for success for companies of all kinds. We are happy to celebrate CAIF establishing new operations in Lexington County and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this great company.” […]

“We welcome Concentrated Active Ingredients & Flavors to Lexington County. While the company is known for the ingredients it puts into products, we’re particularly excited today about the investment it’s putting into the local community and its people. Congratulations CAIF on your growth and to our partners in Lexington County for this latest win.”


Daye North America:

Daye North America is investing $3.5 million in order to expand in Right to Work North Charleston, South Carolina. This will also create 131 new jobs.

“Daye North America is pleased to announce the expansion of our South Carolina operations. In the past year, we have been greeted with open arms by the state. We have experienced first-hand the hospitality of South Carolina and the dynamic hardworking people who call it home. We look forward to more opportunities to expand our operations here.” […]

“South Carolina is home to a roster of globally respected firms, and today’s announcement that Daye North America is expanding helps prove our reputation as a manufacturing powerhouse. Congratulations to the Daye North America team, and we look forward to working with them for many more years to come.”


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