Right to Work Tennessee Economy Attracts Business Growth

Businesses are choosing Tennessee over other states due to its Right to Work policies. The most recent Right to Work Tennessee investments are coming from Ferrari Stampi USA and Gold Creek Foods, as well as New Balance. Read on so you can learn more!

Ferrari Stampi USA:

Ferrari Stampi USA is investing $1.4 million in order to expand headquarters in Right to Work Clarksville, Tennessee. This will also create 30 new jobs.

“Tennessee’s central location and exceptional business climate offer international companies like Ferrari Stampi easy access to their markets around the globe. We are proud to be the home of Ferrari Stampi’s U.S. headquarters and appreciate this company’s continued confidence in Clarksville and Montgomery County.”


Gold Creek Foods:

Gold Creek Foods is investing $15 million in order to establish operations and create 218 new jobs in Right to Work Caryville, Tennessee.

“We already have been so impressed with the dedication and resiliency of the eastern Tennessee workforce on our frequent visits, as well as the continued recognition and acceptance of the Quick’N Eat brand in the market. We are excited about our expansion and investment in Campbell County, as well as Gold Creek Foods continuing the Quick’N Eat brand that was produced in the Caryville facility previously.” […]

“Gold Creek Foods’ decision to locate in Caryville reinforces that Tennessee’s business climate and skilled workforce are unmatched across the country and continue to be the right fit for companies. Thanks to GCF, Campbell County will see the creation of more than 200 new jobs, and we are proud to take part in bringing this project to fruition.”


New Balance:

New Balance is investing $68.5 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Lebanon, Tennessee. This will also create 150 new jobs!

“Tennessee is known for the companies that call our state home, so we are proud to add another globally known brand to our roster. I appreciate New Balance for its decision to invest $68.5 million and create over 150 new jobs in Lebanon. This is a big win for Wilson County and reaffirms that Tennessee’s pro-business climate, strong workforce and quality of life continue to attract the world’s leading businesses.”


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