Right to Work Tennessee Supports Job Growth

Right to Work Tennessee is always growing and improving its economy. Four companies that are helping with this include Vi-Jon, Kairos Power, Chewy, and Barrette Outdoor Living. Vi-Jon and Barrette Outdoor Living will both be expanding in their current Tennessee locations. Meanwhile, Kairos Power and Chewy are adding new locations in the state. Altogether, these four businesses will create 1,481 new jobs. So this is great news for the state!

Read on so you can learn more about each business’s investment!


Vi-Jon is investing $45 million in order to expand in Right to Work Smyrna, Tennessee. This will also create 64 new jobs for Rutherford County as well!

“Rutherford County has established a reputation as an ideal location for manufacturers to produce and distribute their products to customers around the world. More than 250 manufacturing companies operate in Rutherford County, contributing to the success and growth of this region, and we thank Vi-Jon for its ongoing commitment to Smyrna and its workforce.” […]  

“TVA and Middle Tennessee Electric congratulate Vi-Jon on its decision to expand operations in Rutherford County. We are proud to partner with Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce and Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development to help support companies, like Vi-Jon create job opportunities and investment in the region and look forward to their continued business success.” 


Kairos Power:

Kairos Power is investing $100 million soon in Right to Work Oak Ridge, Tennessee. This will also create 55 new jobs for the area!

“Oak Ridge continues to lead the nation in groundbreaking technology, and we recognize Kairos Power for joining this effort. I’m proud of the energy development happening in Tennessee that will positively impact the U.S. and the world. We thank Kairos Power for choosing to develop their test reactor here in Tennessee to support their mission of developing innovative nuclear technology that will move the U.S. forward.” […]

“The Oak Ridge Corridor is at the forefront of science and technology in the U.S. and this partnership with Kairos Power is a huge accomplishment for Tennessee and the nuclear energy world. The combination of resources working to deliver innovative nuclear energy is fueled by our strong science and energy sector and the excellent work being done daily at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, led by Dr. Zacharia. I congratulate Kairos Power on this groundbreaking project.”   



Chewy is creating 1,200 new jobs in Right to Work Mt. Juliet, Tennessee as a result of a new fulfillment center here. So this will be good for Wilson County’s economy!

“We’re thrilled to open […] here in Wilson County, Chewy’s first in the state and fourteenth in the country. We appreciate the partnership with the State of Tennessee, Wilson County and the Joint Economic and Community Board of Wilson County to launch this facility. We look forward to investing in the local community through the creation of 1,200 new jobs. This new location will also extend our fulfillment network in the southeast region, allowing us to provide even faster delivery to more than 19 million active customers around the country.” […]

“Tennessee is primed for Chewy’s newest e-fulfillment center thanks to the combination of our ideal geographic location and strong transportation infrastructure. At 1,200 jobs, Chewy will become one of the top three largest employers in Wilson County. We congratulate Chewy on its success and welcome the company to Tennessee.”


Barrette Outdoor Living:

Barrette Outdoor Living is expanding in Right to Work Bulls Gap, Tennessee with a $33 million investment. This will also create 162 new jobs!

“As one of the top five employers in Hawkins County, Barrette Outdoor Living has established itself as a valuable corporate partner in the Northeast region of our state. These 160 new, family-wage jobs will make a tremendous impact on the area’s workforce. We appreciate Barrette Outdoor Living for its continued investment and job creation in Tennessee.” […]

“Barrette has been an outstanding corporate citizen in Hawkins County since purchasing the Erwin Industries facility in 2002 and they have continued to grow their operations since converting to vinyl fence production the very next year. This large investment and additional 162 quality jobs announcement is just further proof of the pro-business environment in Northeast Tennessee that we and our partners at NETWORKS Sullivan Partnership tout as ‘Where Tennessee Begins Its Business Day!’” 


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