Right to Work Texas ‘s Latest Economic Announcements

Check it out! More companies are investing in the state of Texas as a result of its Right to Work laws. Some of the most recent Right to Work Texas investments are comping from companies such as Chewters Chocolates, Synthica Energy, and Texas Waves II. So Texas remains a diverse economy. Read on in order to learn more about what these investments will mean for the state!

Chewters Chocolates:

Chewters Chocolates is investing $40 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Rockwall, Texas. This will also create 120 new jobs!

“Exceptional companies are flocking to the Lone Star State because of our world-class business climate and unmatched, highly skilled, diverse workforce. […] Chewters Chocolates’ expansion into Texas is a major boon for our economy and the hardworking people of Rockwall, and I look forward to a continued partnership with the company as we create greater economic opportunities and brighter futures for all Texans.” […]

“We are tremendously excited to announce that Chewters Chocolates has selected Rockwall for their expansion. […] First and foremost, their investment will serve to broaden the tax base for the City, County and School District, helping ensure we can continue to have high quality governmental services in Rockwall without all of the tax burden being placed on local residents. Beyond that, the retail store and plant tours Chewters will provide will bring a public element to the Tech Park that we have never had before.”


Synthica Energy:

Synthica Energy is adding a new location soon in Right to Work San Antonio, Texas.

“We’re proud to welcome Synthica and the 50 new jobs they plan to add to support their new facility in San Antonio. Synthica is making a smart investment here in our region where they can work in partnership with our robust food and beverage manufacturing cluster to turn waste into energy.”


Texas Waves II:

Texas Waves II is expanding soon in Right to Work Scurry County, Texas, which will allow them to accomplish a new renewable energy project.

Texas Waves II is under construction and is expected to be online by the end of 2022. The company is now significantly increasing its standalone and co-located storage project pipeline, with more and larger projects upcoming in the U.S.

“Battery storage solutions like Texas Waves II, with its responsive reserve capability, are a proven proposition for storing energy and improving grid reliability. These types of projects will become increasingly important as renewables form a bigger part of the energy mix as we expand our operating portfolio in the U.S., one of our focus markets.”


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