Right to Work Virginia Companies are Growing

Companies are growing in Virginia as a result of its Right to Work laws. The most recent investments are coming from Area 2 Farms and Kingspan Insulation, as well as Bode Technology and Embody. Three of these companies will be expanding while one is adding a new location soon.

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Area 2 Farms:

Area 2 Farms is investing $1.8 million toward a new location in Right to Work Arlington County, Virginia. This will also create 30 new jobs.

“Today’s announcement is further evidence that Virginia is open for business and businesses are ready to take advantage of our growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. The surging consumer demand to create exciting new enterprises will add to the Commonwealth’s quality of life. […] I thank Area 2 Farms for their investment in the Commonwealth and look forward to their future growth and success.” […]

“It is always exciting when successful entrepreneurs like those behind Area 2 Farms bring their ideas and technologies to help grow Virginia’s largest and oldest industry, agriculture. […] This project adds to the region’s growing cluster of innovative, indoor urban agricultural operations and shows us how the Commonwealth’s oldest industry will remain a vital and growing part of the Virginia economy going forward.”


Kingspan Insulation:

Kingspan Insulation is investing $27 million in order to expand in Right to Work Frederick County, Virginia. This will create 27 new jobs!

“Virginia’s strong foundation for job growth is reinforced by Kingspan Insulation’s long-term success and expansion.” […]

“The news that Kingspan Insulation is expanding in Frederick County is a positive development for Virginia’s economy. […] Kingspan sources raw materials from around the world for its manufacturing operation, and The Port of Virginia is pleased to play an integral role in its logistics supply chain. We look forward to helping Kingspan Insulation leverage the efficiency of this world-class port to help the company grow and prosper for years to come.”


Bode Technology:

Bode Technology is investing $2 million in order to expand in Right to Work Fairfax County, Virginia. As a result, this will create 70 new jobs!

“For more than 25 years, Bode Technology has called Virginia our home, and today’s announcement is a testament to that bond. […] To help fight crime, we need to hire the most talented scientists in the world, and the universities in Virginia and surrounding areas have been essential to our success. Demand for our services has increased, and today we are recruiting talented scientists from across the country to join us here in Fairfax County so that we can continue our mission.” […]

“Bode Technology’s success over the past 25 years clearly demonstrates the value of Northern Virginia’s world-class higher education institutions, research assets, and skilled talent pipeline. […] We salute Bode Technology’s mission and look forward to supporting its future growth.”

“Bode Technology is one of Fairfax County’s most unique and impactful companies because of its leadership in forensic DNA services. […] We are proud to have worked with Bode over many years. We look forward to helping the company continue to expand its operations in the county.”



Embody is investing $5 million in order to expand headquarters in Right to Work Norfolk, Virginia. This will also create 92 new jobs!

“Building Embody in the Commonwealth of Virginia and specifically within the City of Norfolk has proven to be an advantage for us. […] It only makes sense that we expand this relationship as we prepare for significant growth. The advantages for us include access to a technical workforce, strong academic and clinical research partners, our DARPA/DOD partners, and an investor base committed to funding innovation and breakthrough healthcare.” […]

“Embody’s growth in the City of Norfolk demonstrates the strength of research and development, higher education resources, and talent the Hampton Roads region offers innovative medical technology developers.” […]

“The City of Norfolk and the surrounding region provide the assets and workforce pipeline to support Embody’s mission. We thank the company for creating high-quality jobs and boosting the local economy.”


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