Right to Work Virginia: The Ideal Destination for Businesses

Companies are choosing to add new locations Right to Work Virginia as a result of this state’s economic benefits. These businesses include NASL and Lutron Electronics, as well as Plenty Unlimited. These investments will be pretty major, all together creating hundreds of new jobs. So read on to learn more!


NASL is investing $2 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Roanoke County, Virginia. This will also create 44 new jobs!

“With our extensive analysis, we selected Virginia for its consistent pro-business stance, progressive supporting programs, and skilled workforce in the greater Roanoke area.” […]

“NASL is a strong addition to the Roanoke region’s booming manufacturing industry and will benefit from abundant utilities, lower electric rates, and a strong and dedicated workforce.”


Lutron Electronics:

Lutron Electronics is investing $28.3 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Ashland, Virginia. This will create 200 new jobs!

“As Lutron Electronics expands its domestic and global reach, a Hanover County manufacturing location offers the strategic location, infrastructure, and workforce needed to accommodate continued growth. […] The Commonwealth of Virginia is proud to support the company’s expansion and strengthen our long-term corporate partnership.”


Plenty Unlimited:

Plenty Unlimited is investing $300 million towards building the world’s largest indoor vertical farm in Right to Work Chesterfield County, Virginia, creating 300 new jobs!

“Plenty will be able to easily grow and distribute fresh products to thousands of customers from its new campus in Chesterfield County, reinforcing the benefits of Virginia’s strategic location and dedicated workforce. We are proud to welcome Plenty to the Commonwealth and thank the company for further advancing the Controlled Environment Agriculture industry in Virginia.” […]

“It is clear that access to an expanding international trade gateway was key in Plenty Unlimited’s strategic decision to come to Chesterfield County and we look forward to partnering with them as their global gateway. […] Virginia is the top location for agriculture-related cargo, and we welcome the news of Plenty’s investment in Virginia.” […]

“Innovation, technology, and agriculture go hand-in-hand in Virginia, and we are thrilled that Chesterfield County will soon be home to the world’s largest indoor farming campus. […] We’re pleased that Plenty is the latest sustainable company to select Greater Richmond to grow their operations.”


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