Right to Work Witness Speaks Out; NRTW Exposes NLRB Card Check Plans

Rep. John Kline’s (R-MN) Education and Workforce Committee probed the unelected Obama-appointed National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) ill-conceived ‘Ambush Elections’ proposals that will negatively impact employees and bring Card Check Forced Unionism closer to reality.  Though  most of the news related to hearing was swallowed by the continuing increase in Obama’s unemployment numbers report on Friday, the hearing should not be overlooked.

DANA employee Larry Getts (a NRTW provided witness) testified that he and his fellow co-workers came under attack by union operatives during a UAW Card Check campaign.  He appealed to congress to stop the NLRB’s planned quickie elections that would leave workers unable to investigate their options during an extremely short time period that will include union organizers flooding employees with lies.  

On the same day of the Ed & Workforce hearing, the National Right to Work distributed copies of David A. Bego’s The Devil At My Doorstep, a firsthand account of SEIU’s three-year attempt to organize Bego’s employees through intimidation and without allowing his employees a secret ballot election. 

National Right to Work President Mark Mix included the following explanation of the NLRB’s plans with a copy of The Devil At My Doorstep book that the National Right to Work Committee gave to members of congress:

 Hand Delivered: [room]                                                    July 7, 2011

Dear [Member of Congress Name],

            When Big Labor’s “Card Check” scheme was defeated last year, everyone knew they wouldn’t give up.

            And as expected, the second round of the fight is now being waged by pro-forced-union ism militants like Wilma Liebman and Craig Becker within the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the rest of the Obama Administration bureaucracy.

  • The real goal of the NLRB’s actions against Boeing is really crystal clear; force Boeing into a “Card-Check” settlement agreement. 
  • The NLRB’s recently proposed  “Ambush Election” rulemaking will allow union officials to force employers to immediately hand over employees’ personal information before even defining a bargaining unit.  The union could then use this list to begin a card-check corporate campaign and never even bother with the election. 
  • The Board intends to overturn, via the “Lamons Gasket” case, what have become to be known as “DANA rights,” which guarantee employees a secret ballot, even after a union has forced their employer to accept “Card Check” unionization. 

            And the list goes on, all designed to help Big Labor force itself on workers who just want to be left alone.

            That’s why I hope you’ll read Dave Bego’s book, The Devil at My Doorstep, which provides firsthand accounts of the destruction to communities, property, and lives that is produced by Big Labor’s “Card Check” campaigns. Dave will explore the NLRB’s “Ambush Election Proposal” in his soon to be released book The Devil at Our Doorstep.

             If you would like to discuss these issues in greater depth, you can contact Greg Mourad our Vice President for Legislation.


 Mark Mix, President