Right to Work  on America’s Youngest Lawmaker’s Agenda

Saira-Blair-wva-delegate2When 18-year-old college freshman Saira Blair is sworn in as a West Virginia House Delegate, she will become America’s youngest elected lawmaker.  And, what is Delegate-elect Blair’s most important issue:

I want to get jobs to West Virginia and one of the biggest ways to do that would be making West Virginia a Right to Work state.

Blair is tapped into the youth culture and she knows that unemployed high school and college grads want jobs and their own piece of the American Dream that was once embraced by most Americans.  College students for the most part are not taking out college loans so that one day they can find a job where they will be compelled to pay some unknown union boss just get and keep a job.

America’s youth embrace freedom and opportunity that Right to Work protects.  West Virginia’s Saira Blair is certainly a politician to keep your eyes on.