RTW Alabama: a Sweet Home for Many Businesses

Right to Work Alabama is home to many great businesses. Globe Metallurgical will soon be resuming manufacturing at its current location in Selma. Meanwhile, Alabama is welcoming Smith & Co and JM Smucker to the state. Altogether, these three businesses will create 904 new jobs. So this is exciting news!

Read on so you can learn more about each individual investment.

Globe Metallurgical:

Globe Metallurgical is resuming manufacturing in Right to Work Selma, Alabama. This will also create 100 new jobs for the area.

“The restart of the Selma facility has been a part of our multi-year strategy. […] We thank the many government officials who supported this effort and look forward to welcoming back the workforce.” […]

“The decision by Ferroglobe and Globe Metallurgical to resume production at the Selma plant will provide a significant economic boost to the Dallas County region and good job opportunities for the hard-working citizens there.”


Smith & Co:

Smith & Co is investing $2.56 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Birmingham, Alabama. This will also create 54 new jobs!

“There is no comparison, the restaurants, events, proximity to other cities and the airport, cost of living. […] Being in Birmingham will make it easier to attract talent, especially high-level engineers.” […]

“We are excited to see Smith & Co. invest in Birmingham to bring more and better jobs to the area. […] We’ll continue to work with the company to leverage their capabilities and talent in attracting and retaining more companies to the region.”


JM Smucker:

JM Smucker is investing $1.1 billion in order to add a new location in Right to Work McCalla, Alabama. This will create 750 new jobs!

“Because The JM Smucker Co. is one of America’s leading consumer packaged goods companies in the food sector, its decision to make a significant investment in Jefferson County represents a powerful endorsement of Alabama’s inviting business environment. […] Not only will the company’s growth project create a large number of jobs in McCalla, but it will also permit us to build a long-standing relationship with a top consumer brand.” […]

“Alabama plays host to an impressive roster of world-class corporate partners, and we are excited to add The JM Smucker Co. to this lineup. […] Smucker’s products have long been a favorite in kitchens across America, and it’s great to know that the company’s popular Uncrustable sandwiches will be made right here in Alabama.”


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