RTW North Carolina Welcomes Rural Economic Development

There’s no doubt that Right to Work states thrive economically, far better than Forced-Unionism states. And when it comes to bouncing back from the economic turmoil that the pandemic created, Right to Work states such as North Carolina are right there, showing up for those that may have been hit the hardest. North Carolina has recently received and approved 10 grants totaling over $2 million. This will go toward economic development in rural areas of North Carolina.

The Center Square did an article covering this exciting news and sharing commentary from North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper:

The North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) will award the grants for a number of projects that counties and cities would use to attract more than $30.8 million in private investment and create a total of 349 jobs, Gov. Roy Cooper said.

“In order for North Carolina’s economy to continue growing, we must prioritize and support our rural communities,” Cooper said. “We know these communities need new jobs and more investments, and that’s exactly what our grants accomplish.”

NC Gov. Roy Cooper, as quoted in The Center Square

You can read the full article here.

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