Shame: $1.7 Million Jury Verdict Against Carpenters Union

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a $1.7 million jury verdict against the Carpenters Union for illegal activities targeted at a non-union contractor.  The campaign included union picketers, mostly homeless people paid by the union, were transported in the union’s Big Red Bus to march, picket and chant in front of construction projects where Fidelity, a non-union contractor,  was working, pass out handbills asking the public to support its cause, and handbilling and erecting large banners claiming that people doing business with Fidelity were to be “shamed.” The demonstrations included upwards of 100 people who would march around the site chanting slogans and calling people who crossed the picket line “rats” or worse.”

These are run of the mill intimidation tactics from the union bosses.  Fidelity has shown that is pays to stand up to them.