The Hill: Dems to Ignore Rules To Reward SEIU & AFSCME

Big Labor’s forced unionism expansion bill, also known as ObamaCare, appears to remain on track despite widespread public opposition and  a possible defeat in Massachusetts according to Michael O’Brien from The Hill:

Dem lawmaker hints at reconciliation for health bill if Dems lose in Mass.

Democrats are eyeing a parliamentary maneuver to sidestep the Senate’s filibuster rules to pass healthcare if they lose their supermajority, one House lawmaker hinted Monday.

Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-Pa.), the head of the New Democrat Coalition taskforce on healthcare, suggested that Senate Democrats may use budget reconciliation to pass a health bill if the Republican candidate wins a special election in Massachusetts on Tuesday.

Schwartz said that Democrats would move forward with their healthcare bill until a new senator is installed, but left the door open to reconciliation, which allows the Senate to pass a bill with only a simple majority.