The Inescapable SEIU-NLRB Connection

John Ranson, writing for, points out how the SEIU and their cronies have a heavy hand in the role that the NLRB’s effort to punish companies for moving to Right to Work states:

In just another example of the Obama administration making law by fiat, the National Labor Relations Board head Craig Becker is proposing new rules that would shotgun the formation of new union shops in as quick as ten days.

After the defeat of card check at the legislative ballot box, the former SEIU goon [Becker] is acting creatively in order to implement portions of card check unilaterally.

What would one expect from a guy appointed to his position despite his nomination being rejected by the Senate?

Obama then made a recess appointment of Becker to the NLRB, the presidential equivalent of Enron accounting for political appointees.

NLRB and Becker have been in the news lately because they’ve attacked Boeing for opening a plant in [Right to Work] South Carolina, a state that is less accommodating to union employment but more accommodating to workers and management with project deadlines to keep.

But the attack on Boeing is nothing compared to the attack that Becker and organized labor are going to launch against the rest of us starting today.

“The worst actors on the scene today are unions, not employers.

While the rest of us are trying to jump start the economy, unions are screaming for a larger slice of a smaller pie and wanting us to raise taxes to pay for it all.

This week’s “NLRB hearing is another sign the administration isn’t listening: American workers want jobs, and American employers want to create them,” says Burr. “The economy can’t grow and employers can’t hire while fending off a government-backed assault by labor bosses.”