The Problem With Forced Unionism in New Hampshire

Mark Mix on  New Hampshire Right to Work Law
Source: Seacoast Online

New Hampshire is very close to passing the Right to Work law and ending forced unionism in the state. After all, the majority of those in New Hampshire would prefer it. Signing in Governor Sununu would be a solid step in giving the people what they want. In Seacoast Online, National Right to Work Committee President Mark Mix has written an opinion piece on the subject matter.

From Seacoast Online:

Today’s Big Labor advocates want workers to believe that their rights are somehow being advanced when union bosses take away their right to decide whether to join a union.

But the truth is, denying employees that choice is simply anti-worker.

A solid majority of Americans across the country and in New Hampshire support Right to Work because it protects workers’ freedom and leads to a more prosperous economy for all.

Members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives should keep that freedom and prosperity in mind when they decide whether to send Right to Work to Governor Sununu to sign into law.

Mark Mix, Seacoast Online

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