These Businesses are Establishing in Right to Work Tennessee

Tennessee has a strong economy in part due to its Right to Work laws which give workers more freedom and autonomy in the workplace. As a result, companies prefer Right to Work states and create new jobs. The latest Right to Work Tennessee additions include The Robinette Company and MSS Steel Tubes. Read on in order to find out more!

The Robinette Company:

The Robinette Company is investing $10.3 million in order to establish operations and create 70 new jobs in Right to Work Piney Flats, Tennessee.

“TNECD strives to provide the companies that call Tennessee home with the tools and resources needed to grow and expand. The Robinette Company’s decision to locate a new facility in Piney Flats is proof that we are doing our job to make Tennessee the place to do business, and we congratulate this company and the Sullivan County community on another great economic development win.”


MSS Steel Tubes:

MSS Steel Tubes is investing $6 million in order to add it’s first US location in Right to Work Memphis, Tennessee. They will also create 129 new jobs!

“Centrally located in the Southeast and a hub for logistics, we can’t think of a better location for MSS Steel Tubes’ first U.S. production facility than Memphis, Tennessee. We appreciate MSS Steel Tubes for placing its confidence in Shelby County and look forward to the growth and prosperity that this project will bring to the region.” […]

“TVA and MLGW congratulate MSS Steel Tubes on its decision to establish operations and create new job opportunities in Memphis. Supporting companies, like MSS Steel Tubes, that create jobs and investment in the region is fundamental to TVA’s mission of service.”


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