These Businesses are Investing in Right to Work Texas!

Companies are always investing in Right to Work Texas as a result of the benefits the state has to offer. Three examples of businesses investing in the state are Empower Pharmacy, Primal Pet Group, and Oatly. Empower Pharmacy is actually already open for business in Houston. Meanwhile, Oatly is working on its new facility in Fort Worth, and Primal Pet Group is expanding in Abilene. Altogether, these companies will invest hundreds of millions of dollars into the economy. They will also create hundreds of new jobs! So this is exciting news!

Read on to learn more about each investment.

Empower Pharmacy:

Empower Pharmacy is officially open for business in Right to Work Houston, Texas! This comes as a result of a $55 million investment.

“This innovative facility, combined with our more than 500 dedicated employees, enables us to increase our operational capacity, allowing us to prepare thousands of custom prescriptions each day for millions of patients across the country. […] We are setting a new standard for compounded medicine, striving to achieve a superior pharmaceutical experience, from order placement to delivery. Traditional pharmaceutical companies do not empower patients through their current operations. But at Empower Pharmacy, we are hoping to change that by putting our patients first in all decisions to help improve their well-being and quality of life. We are excited to be at the forefront of change in the industry.”


Primal Pet Group:

Primal Pet Group has started its expansion in Right to Work Abilene, Texas with a $31.6 million investment that will also create 130 new jobs!

“We are proud that Primal Pet has chosen to expand its presence in Abilene. The job retention and creation this groundbreaking represents is a real win for our community.” […]

“Our partnership with Primal Pet is representative of the type of work the DCOA prioritizes. This is a great example of what the DCOA does for Abilene, investing sales tax dollars in companies that ensure the viability of the community for years to come.”



Oatly is adding a new facility soon in Right to Work Fort Worth, Texas. As a result, they plan to create up to 100 new jobs by 2023.

“Every time someone decides to take their coffee with oatmilk or have an Oatgurt for their afternoon snack, we believe they’re making a choice that’s healthier for them and the planet. And more and more people are making those choices every day. […] We’re excited to break ground on this factory in Fort Worth, which we believe will allow us to meet the growing demand for Oatly’s products and grow our positive impact on the planet.” […]

“We are thrilled to welcome Oatly, an established, global brand to Fort Worth. […] Our central U.S. location, affordable land with room to grow, and skilled manufacturing workforce will be an excellent home for Oatly.”


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