These Businesses Are Investing in Right to Work Texas!

Four businesses are investing in the Right to Work state of Texas! Three of these businesses will be adding new locations while one is expanding. The companies that are adding new locations include Revol Greens, Wagners CFT, and Nacero. Meanwhile, Future Foam is expanding in Garland. Revol Greens is investing in Temple, Wagners CFT is investing in Parker County, and lastly, Nacero is investing in Penwell.

Altogether, these companies will create a total of 908 new jobs! Read on to find out more about each company’s investment!

Revol Greens:

Revol Greens is investing in a new location in Right to Work Temple, Texas. This will also mean 150 new jobs for the area over the next several years.

“Revol Greens selected Temple for our new facility in order to expand our production and distribution capabilities. […] The Temple greenhouse will produce upwards of 17 million pounds of greens annually upon completion of phase two. Temple’s central location in Texas means our products will reach shelves and tables throughout the southern U.S. efficiently. We’re eager to begin production in Temple and appreciate the work that the Temple EDC has invested over the past eight months to make this project happen.” […]

“We are thrilled to welcome Revol Greens to Temple. […] Revol joins a growing roster of food and beverage companies that choose to base their manufacturing and distribution operations in Temple, Texas.” […]


Wagners CFT:

Wagners CFT is creating 304 new jobs in Right to Work Parker County, Texas as a result of building a new location here.

“This facility will generate over 300 full-time jobs focused on supplying cutting edge Composite Fiber Infrastructure for bridges, boardwalks, light poles, and marine projects.” […]

“The Parker County Economic Development Council (PCEDC) is excited to welcome Wagners to our community. […] The foundation built and lessons learned during this recruitment will pay dividends for future projects, and our members will continue to work hard to build a vibrant economic future for Parker County.”


Future Foam:

Future Foam is investing $3 million in order to expand and renovate in Right to Work Garland, Texas. This will also create 104 new jobs!

“Future Foam is a family-owned company that has been in operation since 1958. We focus on bringing the highest quality products through innovative, customer driven solutions. And, we are proud to invest and innovate where our customers do business.” […]

“We are very excited to partner with Future Foam, Inc. and for them to bring their innovative manufacturing operations to Garland. We appreciate their role in bringing this industrial building back to life while helping diversify the City’s tax base.” 



Nacero is investing $7 billion toward a new location in Right to Work Penwell, Texas. This will create 350 new jobs for those in Ector County!

“Ector County is the ideal location for us. […] From a geographic and logistics standpoint you can’t beat it. We will be a major new market and beneficial home for the natural gas that is currently flared in the Permian Basin. Our zero-sulfur gasoline will reduce ground level ozone, a pollutant that is causing illness and limiting economic growth in cities across Texas and the Southwest.” […]

“The regional economic impact of this single facility will be in the tens of billions of dollars. I thank my staff and all those who worked with them for their hard work in bringing this incredible opportunity here.”


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