These Companies are Choosing Right to Work Michigan

Whether they’re new companies or locals, companies are continuing to choose Right to Work Michigan. These businesses include Dana Thermal Products and ISAIC, as well as LP Building Solutions. Read on in order to learn more!

Dana Thermal Products:

Dana Thermal Products is investing $54.2 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Auburn Hills, Michigan and create 200 new jobs.

“Today’s Michigan Strategic Fund approvals will create and retain 672 good-paying jobs and invest $153 million across Auburn Hills, Lansing, and Detroit. […] These projects will build on our manufacturing heritage and advance our mobility and electrification leadership. Together, we will help us continue to drive growth in Michigan by funding economic development projects, investing in our communities, creating jobs for our residents, and advancing initiatives that build long-term opportunity throughout the state. I will work with anyone to keep getting things done and grow our economy.” […]

“The $44 million investment in electric vehicle battery production is outstanding news for the highly skilled workers who can fill those new jobs. […] It’s also a boost for the advanced manufacturing reputation for both Michigan and Oakland County.”



ISAIC is investing $550,000 in order to expand in Right to Work Detroit, Michigan. As a result, this will create 74 new jobs!

“The MEDC has been on the forefront of fostering not only our state’s existing industries such as auto and mobility but also supporting emerging sectors in the advanced manufacturing of product including apparel. In addition, it will help to support our continued collaboration with the Advanced Robotic Manufacturing Institute. […] We are grateful for the MEDC support of ISAIC and our impact on our community.” […]

“We’re pleased to celebrate ISAIC’s continued growth and look forward to working together to grow, add jobs and provide greater opportunity for Detroit residents.[…] We are grateful to the Governor and legislators for the continued support of the Jobs Ready Michigan program. We’re proud to partner with DEGC, the city of Detroit and ISAIC as it builds on Detroit’s manufacturing heritage and innovative spirit and creates a booming fashion hub in the Motor City.” […]

“As proud partners of ISAIC, we are excited by this investment and its contribution to advancing economic opportunity in the City of Detroit’s growing fashion and apparel sector. […] We look forward to building upon our efforts in providing Detroiters with access to jobs.”


LP Building Solutions:

LP Building Solutions is investing $194 million in order to expand in Right to Work Sagola Township, Michigan. This will also create 50 new jobs!

“This project is an exciting win for the Upper Peninsula and further demonstrates Team Michigan’s commitment to supporting economic opportunities throughout all regions of the state. We appreciate LP Building Solutions’ vote of confidence in Michigan and our talented workforce. […] We’re proud to join our partners at Invest UP, Sagola Township, and the Dickinson Area Economic Development Alliance as we celebrate LP Building Solutions’ expansion and look forward to working together to grow, add jobs and provide greater opportunity for our friends and neighbors in the Upper Peninsula.” […]

“We are excited to see this significant investment in the LP Sagola facility. […] The project will align the plant to produce a high-value product and provide 50 additional family-sustaining jobs with excellent wages and benefits for area residents.”


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