These Companies are Investing in Right to Work Michigan

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Three companies are investing in Right to Work Michigan! These include Autocam Medical, Mission Design and Automation, and BAMF. Autocam Medical will be expanding in Kentwood, while Mission Design and Automation will be expanding in Holland Charter Township. Meanwhile, BAMF is locating headquarters in Grand Rapids.

Autocam Medical:

Autocam Medical is expanding soon in Right to Work Kentwood, Michigan with a $60 million investment. This will also create 250 new jobs!

“We decided to locate this new plant in West Michigan because even in a tight labor market, we have been able to find highly qualified team members. […] We believe the workforce here has allowed us to develop advanced technology that brings cost effective solutions to our customers, therefore enabling us to be among the best medical device contract manufacturers in the world.” […]

“[Autocam Medical has] built the company around the value of investing in our people and their growth. The company’s success is due to the knowledge that the employees bring to Autocam Medical every day. […] In addition to the comprehensive compensation package offered by the company, employees are encouraged to continue their education and training with Autocam Medical’s training partners, Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Valley State University, Ferris State University, and Western Michigan University.”


Mission Design and Automation:

Mission Design and Automation is expanding soon in Right to Work Holland Charter Township, Michigan with a $5.3 million investment that will create 109 new jobs.

“Bringing work to West Michigan allows us to continue to support the community through partnerships with local universities and high schools through co-op and apprenticeship programs. […] It also means more high-tech employment opportunities for our community.” […]

“Mission Design’s continued growth in Michigan reinforces Michigan as the place where manufacturing and technology converge. […] We’re pleased to work with Lakeshore Advantage and other local partners to support the growth of Mission Design in Michigan, and look forward to working with them as we continue to work with manufacturers across the state on Industry 4.0 readiness.” […]



BAMF is a medical technology company that is adding headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a $30 million investment that will create 200 new jobs.

“The MSU Grand Rapids Innovation Park is designed to create a health care innovation hub that will spur collaboration between academic research (biomedical, bioengineering and technology), health care providers, and health industries to commercialize, patent and license health innovation. […] The radiopharmacy that BAMF Health is leasing from MSU in the Doug Meijer Medical Innovation Building embodies that vision and came about through collaboration between The Right Place, the city of Grand Rapids, private philanthropy and Michigan State University. Ultimately, this is finding new and better ways to bring health to all.” […]

“This project was a ‘must-win’ for our team. […] The technology and innovation that BAMF is bringing to the area of cancer detection and treatment, has the potential to save countless lives and significantly boost the global exposure of Medical Mile.”


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