Three Businesses Have Plans for Right to Work Virginia

Three businesses have plans to invest in Right to Work Virginia, and they are Yellow Dog Software, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Armored Fresh. Each one will have a positive impact on the area’s economy. Read on in order to learn more!

Yellow Dog Software:

Yellow Dog Software is investing $150,000 in order to expand and create 20 new jobs in Right to Work Norfolk, Virginia.

“The state of Virginia and the City of Norfolk are incredibly supportive environments to start and grow a business like Yellow Dog Software. […] The employee base we can draw from with the veterans departing the armed services along with recent graduates from the numerous nearby colleges and universities is really large and has allowed us to source almost our entire team from the area.” […]

“We are proud to support this Virginia-grown company’s expansion in its hometown of Norfolk. […] Yellow Dog Software’s decision to increase its footprint here reinforces the many business and technology industry advantages the Commonwealth offers, and we thank the company for its continued commitment.”


Amazon Web Services (AWS):

Amazon Web Services is investing $35 billion in order to create several locations in Right to Work Virginia. This will also create 1,000 new jobs!

“Virginia is a world leader in innovation and cloud computing, thanks to its investment in a robust, highly-skilled workforce and emphasis on long-term public and private partnerships. […] Since 2006, AWS has invested more than $35 billion in Virginia, boosting the Commonwealth’s total Gross Domestic Product by nearly $7 billion and supporting thousands of jobs annually. Building on these successful beginnings, we plan to invest an additional $35 billion in the Commonwealth of Virginia by 2040 and create 1,000 jobs.” […]

“With the highest concentration of tech talent in the U.S., Virginia boasts one of the largest data center workforces in the nation, an advantage that sets us apart and directly benefits an industry leader like AWS. […] We thank AWS for its commitment to the Commonwealth of Virginia and look forward to a continued partnership in the years to come.”


Armored Fresh:

Armored Fresh is investing $125,000 in order to expand headquarters and create 27 new jobs in Right to Work Fairfax County, Virginia.

“Armored Fresh is very excited to bring great-tasting, zero-dairy cheese that everyone can enjoy. Based on almond milk, our cheese comes super close to matching the taste and texture that people expect in cheese. We’ve received many epic responses from people after tasting our cheese.” […]

“As a trailblazer in vegan food production, Armored Fresh will grow its U.S. market presence with this expansion in Fairfax County. […] Virginia’s food and beverage processing industry is one of the Commonwealth’s fastest growing sectors, and we thank Armored Fresh for its investment and job creation as part of that roster.”


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