Union Boss Steve Shively threatens another temper tantrum aimed at Indiana Lawmakers

While most employees that have the right to choose or not to choose to join a union (Right to Work) should be the standard, Steelworkers Local President Steve Shively wants to keep forcing employees to pay tribute to union bosses. And, Shively went on to declare that there would be large state house protests again if legislators even considered giving workers a choice. Apparently, Shively believes that the only reason most people pay union dues is because they are forced to pay.

Even public sector employees in Indiana have the Right to Work, but Shively and his fellow union bosses have fought to keep private sector employees from having a choice.

From Chronicle-Tribune’s Matt Troutman article: ‘Right to work’ stays on state legislators’ plates:

This year, the state legislative session was punctuated by a five-week Democratic walkout, sparked in part by a controversial “right to work” bill.

The possibility that similar legislation would be introduced next session was made more likely this week following an appointment by state Sen. Phil Boots, R-Crawfordsville, to chair a summer study committee investigating whether to make Indiana a “right to work” state, which would bar unions and employers from forcing workers to pay union dues or join unions.

Local labor officials and union supporters stood firmly against any such legislation.

Steve Shively, president of United Steelworkers Local 7113, which represents workers in Dana Holding Corp., said any proposed bills would draw large statehouse protests like they did last session