United Steelworkers Union Delays Geodis Logistics Votes


In Memphis, Tennessee, Geodis Logistics and the United Steelworkers Union have been at odds for nearly a decade. Geodis employees have been trying to petition to decertify the union for years now, but the union seems to be doing all they can to postpone the final vote, coming up with excuses and keeping themselves in power for as long as possible.

In an article posted by Jon Styf in The Center Square, National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation President Mark Mix is quoted:

“The workers at Geodis Logistics have waited over three years for a vote, but the NLRB Chairman wants them to wait even longer, and, in fact, probably never wants the employees to have any vote to remove the unwanted union,” National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation President Mark Mix said. “Mary Alexis Ray went through the effort of collecting signatures on not one, but two, decertification petitions, and after years of NLRB-approved legal delays, Lauren McFerran had the nerve to suggest that employees have abandoned their petition.

“McFerran’s position, like the so-called PRO-Act, is just another blatant attempt to rig federal labor law further in favor of union bosses to the detriment of rank-and-file workers opposed to union affiliation.”

Mark Mix, as quoted in The Center Square

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