What Are Unison And Petsource Planning in RTW Nebraska?

Unison and Petsource are both investing soon in Right to Work Nebraska! Unison is planning to add headquarters in Omaha. Meanwhile, Petsource is expanding its facility in Seward. As a result, these companies will create hundreds of new jobs for the state. So this is exciting news!

Read on in order to learn more about each investment.


Unison is adding headquarters soon in Right to work Omaha, Nebraska. As a result, they will create hundreds of news jobs.

“Nebraska is thrilled to welcome Unison, an outstanding innovator and industry leader, to our exciting and growing ecosystem of global fintech firms. […] Investments such as this one further prove that Nebraska is emerging as a national leader in the fintech sector. We are honored to be selected as Unison’s number one choice for expanding its company’s bright future. We look forward to the incredible contributions Unison will bring to the city of Omaha and Nebraska as a whole.” […]

“Omaha is a No. 1 ranked up-and-coming-tech hotspot for a reason. Our pro-business, pro-people approach allows companies like Unison to expand here successfully and make Omaha their home. We are pleased to welcome Unison to our growing and revitalized Urban Core.”



Petsource is investing $75 million in order to expand in Right to Work Seward, Nebraska. This will also create 80 new jobs!

“Pet owners have shown a steadily increasing desire for high-protein, nutrient dense, and raw nutrition pet food options when feeding their new family members. […] I’m thrilled that Petsource and the community of Seward can be part of the solution for our pet food customers seeking to meet the growing demand for freeze-dried pet food.” […]

“The Petsource facility in Seward has been a big success. […] Only a year after opening, it’s already planning a major increase in capacity. This expansion will create more jobs as well as opportunities for Nebraska farmers and ranchers to supply chicken and beef to source the facility. Congratulations to Seward, and thanks to Scoular for choosing to grow here in the Good Life!” […]

“Petsource has been a tremendous community partner for Seward. […] Their expansion will be the single largest economic development project investment in the history of Seward County. We’re grateful for Petsource’s continued growth, which will benefit the area for years to come.”


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