Is there a Kinetic Advantage Coming to Right to Work Indiana?

New companies that are coming to the state include DE LA FONTAINE Industries and Kinetic Advantage. In addition, two current companies will be expanding, and they are Catipult AI and National Trade Supply. Both Catipult AI and DE LA FONTAINE will be investing in Indianapolis. Meanwhile, National Trade Supply will create opportunities in Greenwood and Kinetic Advantage in Carmel.

Altogether, these four businesses will be creating over 300 new jobs across the state. Read on to find out what people are saying about the investments!


“We welcome the expansion of Catipult.AI, one of many growing businesses in Indianapolis’s burgeoning tech sector. […] Our city continues to add good-paying jobs thanks to our high quality of life and welcoming business environment.”


DE LA FONTAINE Industries:

“DE LA FONTAINE Industries fits perfectly in Indiana, where we’re home to more than 8,500 manufacturing operations and the highest concentration of manufacturing jobs in the nation. […] With DE LA FONTAINE Industries’ Midwest growth comes new Hoosier job opportunities[. W]e’re confident our skilled workforce will help the company find success in the Hoosier state.”


National Trade Supply:

“NT Supply’s growth in Indiana is admirable, from its early starts with one e-commerce site, to now a national brand of multiple highly specialized e-commerce sites. […] Indiana’s supportive business environment encourages companies like[ National Trade Supply ]to expand operations and create more quality job opportunities[…].”


Kinetic Advantage:

“I’ve been involved in three startups in Indiana and have found that Indiana is a great place to build a business given the educated workforce, excellent work ethic and pro-business climate in Indiana. […] I am [glad] to work with my Indiana teammates in building an employee and customer centric business.”



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