What Companies are Investing in Right to Work Arkansas?

Four companies are investing in the state of Arkansas, and they are Lockers Manufacturing, Loanpal, Rockline Industries, and SGL Carbon.

Lockers Manufacturing and Loanpal will soon be investing in new locations. Lockers Manufacturing will be in Batesville, while Loanpal will be in Bentonville.

Meanwhile, Rockline Industries and SGL Carbon are all investing in expansions! In fact, Rockline Industries will actually be investing in three of their location in Arkansas. Then, SGL Carbon will be expanding in Arkadelphia.

Altogether, these Lockers Manufacturing, Loanpal, Rockline Industries, and SGL Carbon will create lots of new jobs all across the state. Read on to find out more about each investment!

Lockers Manufacturing:

“The talented leadership found in Panola County continually proves itself to be an integral part of the region’s economic growth. The Mississippi Development Authority is proud once again to support Joe Azar and the entire Panola team in their ongoing efforts to strengthen the region’s economy as they welcome Lockers Manufacturing and new manufacturing jobs to Batesville.”


Rockline Industries:

“Rockline has been proud to be a part of the Arkansas community for many years and we are excited to be bringing new jobs and new opportunities to our local communities.” […]

“As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic millions of consumers have been introduced to the convenience of personal care wipes. This has led to a dramatic increase in consumer demand for these products.”



“We love to see tech jobs coming to Arkansas[.] Loanpal’s decision to locate in Northwest Arkansas speaks volumes about the faith they have in our workforce. […] These jobs will go a long way in improving economic conditions and quality of life for the region.”


SGL Carbon:

“For decades, SGL Carbon has served as a leading producer of unique graphite and composite materials and manufacturer of products known for their versatile industrial applications. We are happy that the company now expands further at its Arkadelphia location. The strengths of our workforce in south Arkansas, partnered with our low cost of doing business, made Arkadelphia a prime location for SGL Carbon’s new production processes. We look forward to our continued partnership with the company as it embarks on this new endeavor.”



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