What Companies are Investing in Right to Work Indiana?

Four companies are investing soon in Right to Work Indiana. These include Syra Health, Lunar Distribution, GroPod, and Kitchen 17. Syra heath in Carmel is expanding, while GroPod is expanding in Evansville. Meanwhile, Lunar Distribution is adding a new location in New Haven. And lastly, Kitchen 17 is actually relocating to Huntington.

Altogether, these companies will create 274 new jobs across the state. Read on so you can find out more about each of these investments!

Syra Health:

Syra Health is expanding soon in Right to Work Carmel, Indiana with a $566,000 investment that will help create 150 new jobs.

“We are continuously striving to improve patient care and patient engagement with innovative solutions in medical education and communications. […] Our team is also focused on strengthening value-based care models and ensuring continuity of care with resourcing an optimal number of clinical care professionals in our local and regional hospitals. We are well within our reach of achieving our goal of 150 jobs in the Indiana health care ecosystem in less than two years.” […]


Lunar Distribution:

Lunar Distribution is adding a new location in Right to Work New Haven, Indiana with an $832,000 investment that will also create 130 new jobs!

“This is a huge step forward for us. Locating our operations in New Haven will allow for optimal efficiency. […] Our commitment to customer service will allow for continued growth for years to come.” […]

“Our central location, pro-business environment, and talented workforce continue to draw businesses to Indiana. […] With resources designed to support growth from start to scale, Indiana is committed to building an ecosystem that attracts investment from businesses like Discount Comic Book Service and Lunar Distribution and enables them to compete on a global scale.”



GroPod is expanding in Right to Work Evansville, Indiana with a $1.7 million investment. This will create 30 new jobs as well!

“Sustainable food production methods, like the GroPod, are needed now more than ever. As we are encountering the upper limits of climate dependent food production[,] demand is ever increasing[…]”

“Indiana offers an ideal environment for companies like GroPod that are at the intersection of ag and technology to flourish. […] Choosing to plant its roots in Evansville, GroPod will not only create high-skilled, high-wage jobs, it will bolster a growing industry that is developing innovative solutions, improving agricultural products consumed around the world and providing consumers with a sustainable food source.”


Kitchen 17:

Kitchen 17 is investing $1 million in order to relocate from Illinois to Right to Work Huntington, Indiana. This will also create 64 new jobs!

“We grew up in Huntington, our families have been here for generations. […] This is home. We went to big cities for different opportunities and had a great time doing so. When the pandemic hit, not only did we find an opportunity to restructure our lives and our businesses, but at the same time, expansion became necessary, and we couldn’t think of a better place than Huntington. I’ve gotten to fully partner with my sister and my husband, in my hometown, while putting in the first plant-based restaurant here. It’s a very special moment for us.” […]


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