What Companies are Investing in Right to Work Mississippi?

The state of Mississippi provides businesses with many benefits that they simply can’t find in Forced Unionism states. So it’s no wonder why so many companies invest here! Some of the most recent investments are coming from Parker Hannifin and Elkay Manufacturing, as well as AeroSafe Global. Altogether, these businesses will create a total of 150 new jobs for the state. So this is good news for the economy!

Read on to learn more about each investment.

Parker Hannifin:

Parker Hannifin’s Engine Mobile Original Equipment Division is expanding in Right to Work Holly Springs, Mississippi. This will create 25 new jobs!

“Parker Hannifin’s decision to expand its Engine Mobile Original Equipment Division product development center in Holly Springs is a strong testament to our supportive business environment, which provides the winning formula for lasting, sustainable growth in Mississippi. The state values its partnership with Parker Hannifin and thanks the company for once again entrusting our workforce to continue its legacy of product development and manufacturing top-quality products.” […]

“We are pleased to have Parker Hannifin continue to invest and expand operations in our community and create great career opportunities for our residents. Parker Hannifin’s expansion and investment will contribute to Holly Springs’ and Marshall County’s growth for years to come.”


Elkay Manufacturing:

Elkay Manufacturing is adding a new location soon in right to Work Olive Branch, Mississippi with a $3.22 million investment. This will also create 25 new jobs!

“We are [glad] to play a part in the region’s continued success and future expansion. All the infrastructure aspects that attracted us to the area in the first place are within easy reach of Olive Branch. Elkay’s first-ever Logistics Center in this area is well served by one of the most robust logistics infrastructures in the U.S., and its location will allow us to reach large population centers within two days.” […]

“I am proud to welcome Elkay Manufacturing as the newest business partner to the state of Mississippi. Not only will the company’s prime DeSoto County location ensure products are quickly and efficiently delivered to its customers throughout the Southeast, but the skilled workers found in the area will play a key role in the company’s long-lasting success in our state, just as they have with the other numerous industry leaders that call DeSoto County home.”  


AeroSafe Global:

AeroSafe Global is adding a new location in Right to Work Olive Branch, Mississippi with a $2.5 million investment. This will also create 100 new jobs.

“Health care and manufacturing go hand-in-hand in Mississippi, as both industries are strong economic drivers for our state, particularly in North Mississippi. We are proud to welcome AeroSafe Global as the newest corporate partner to the state of Mississippi, a move that reinforces Mississippi’s stance as a leader in these important sectors. We thank the company for bringing 100 exciting job opportunities to DeSoto County.” […]

“AeroSafe Global is a respected company that provides environmentally sustainable packaging products to pharmaceutical companies. These containers also ensure therapeutic products are properly stored and delivered safely to medical facilities and pharmacies around the world.” 


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