What Companies are Investing in Right to Work South Carolina?

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Four companies are investing soon in Right to Work South Carolina. These include Queen Wood Products and Oshkosh Defense, as well as KRA Operations and Denkai America. Queen Wood Products will be expanding in Ulmer, and KRA Operations will be expanding in Prosperity. Meanwhile, Denkai America is expanding in Camden. And lastly, Oshkosh Defense is adding a new location in Spartanburg. Altogether, these companies will create 1,149 new jobs for South Carolina residents. So this is great news!

Read on to find out more about each investment.

Queen Wood Products:

Queen Wood Products is expanding in Right to Work Ulmer, South Carolina with a $6 million investment. This will also create 19 new jobs for Allendale County!

“Queen Wood Products is excited to announce its expansion to the old Mohawk Carpet facility in Ulmer, S.C. The move to Ulmer is just minutes down the road from our original location in Allendale, where we have enjoyed doing business since 1998. We will be spending over $6 million and the expansion will allow for 19 additional jobs. We are hoping to be up and running in Ulmer with the first phase in September and should have the next phase in operation by the end of 2021.” […]

“Queen Wood Products’ decision to expand in Allendale County is a testament to our state’s world-class workforce and strong business environment. We congratulate them on this $6 million investment and the addition of 19 new jobs and look forward to seeing them continue to succeed in our state for years to come.” […]

“SouthernCarolina Alliance salutes Queen Wood Products, a great renewable resource industry that has flourished in Allendale County. […] SCA congratulates Skip Queen and will continue to assist him in growing his operations in our region.”  


Oshkosh Defense:

Oshkosh Defense is adding a new location in Right to Work Spartanburg, South Carolina with a $155 million investment. This will create 1,000 new jobs!

“The automotive industry continues to be at the forefront of our state’s economy and our manufacturing sector. When companies like Oshkosh Defense choose to locate here, it not only creates opportunities for South Carolinians, but also reinforces our reputation as an automotive powerhouse which Team S.C. has worked so hard to cultivate.” […]

“South Carolina’s Upstate has a global reputation as a high-tech automotive manufacturing powerhouse, and the Oshkosh Defense investment shows our region is also a leader in domestic logistics initiatives. Oshkosh Defense’s Next Generation Vehicle Delivery Program is another example of the Upstate’s role in the future of mobility innovation.” 


KRA Operations:

KRA Operations is investing $23.5 million in order to expand in Right to Work Prosperity, South Carolina. This will create 120 new jobs!

“When you tell the story of places like Newberry County to companies around the world. […] having local industries that take pride in where they are, what they produce and who works for them makes all of our jobs so much easier. KRA Operations’ rapid growth shows other companies that may be debating new locations or expansions how much potential is available right here in the heart of South Carolina.”


Denkai America:

Denkai America is expanding in Right to Work Camden, South Carolina with a $14 million investment. This will also create 10 new jobs for the area!

“Today’s expansion announcement by Denkai America, Inc. is further proof that manufacturing continues to attract jobs and capital investment in South Carolina. This expansion will benefit Kershaw County and the state for years to come. It[ also ]shows that South Carolina is ‘Just right’ for making quality products.” […]

“Congrats to Denkai America, Inc. and our partners in Kershaw County on today’s announcement. This latest expansion […]amplifies the company’s portfolio and career advancement opportunities for workers in the area. With more than four decades already under its belt, we look forward to seeing the company continue to thrive here in the decades to come.” 


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