What do Igneo, NanoPV, and Symrise Have in Common?

Three companies that are investing soon in Right to Work Georgia are Igneo Technologies, NanoPV, and Symrise. Igneo Technologies and NanoPV will both be adding new locations within the state. Meanwhile, Symrise is expanding its current Georgia facility. Altogether, these three companies will invest a total of $139.6 million toward the state’s economy. So this is good news! These are also great examples of how Right to Work states encourage and support economic growth.

Igneo Technologies:

Igneo Technologies is investing $85 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Savannah, Georgia. This will create 150 new jobs!

“We are very excited to launch Igneo in the State of Georgia. The Savannah area offers the perfect blend of a dynamic business environment, dependable workforce and premier access to global trading routes. […] Igneo has found a great location to fully deploy its sustainable solution to the e-waste problem and we look forward to creating a lasting positive impact for the environment.” […]

“Innovative, solutions-oriented companies like Igneo are vital for our future. […] We are excited to welcome Igneo to Georgia.”

“We’re happy to support the economic development and employment opportunity associated with this project, as well as Igneo’s positive environmental impact. […] Additional containers moving through the Port of Savannah mean new jobs for Georgians.” […]

“On behalf of the Savannah Economic Development Authority, I would like to congratulate Igneo on their first U.S. manufacturing facility in Savannah. […] We look forward to having a long relationship with Igneo and watching them grow in Savannah.”



NanoPV is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Americus, Georgia with a $36 million investment This will create 500 new jobs for Sumter County!

“Because of our pro-business environment and world-class workforce training solutions, Georgia has emerged as a leader in the solar and renewable energy space. It is exciting to bring these jobs of the future to Sumter County. […] We are proud to add NanoPV to the incredible ecosystem of manufacturing and technology companies that call Georgia home. Many thanks to our partners in the region and to the Americus-Sumter Payroll Development Authority for supporting this project.” […]

“I’ve always been a firm believer in renewable energy and in the relationship I have built with NanoPV Solar through almost six years. […] I am excited to be a part of this project, especially when we all are heading into a ‘renewable world.’ NanoPV Solar is what other ancillary solar companies are looking to be around. A big thank you to my board, South Georgia Technical College, and to the southern hospitality of the Sumter leaders and people.”



Symrise is investing $18.6 million in order to expand its current facility in Right to Work Brunswick, Georgia. This will help them keep up with demand.

“Symrise’s expansion in Glynn County is yet another testament to the strong economic development ties the State of Georgia has developed and maintained with so many Germany-based companies that have chosen to locate here. […] I commend our partners at the Golden Isles Development Authority for supporting Symrise. And, I extend my thanks to Symrise for their continued commitment to Georgia.” […]

“Helping local businesses succeed and grow is a focus area for the Golden Isles Development Authority. […] We work closely with local companies to understand their unique needs and connect them to resources that help them reach their goals. The announcement of Symrise’s expansion is an excellent example of the work we hope to accomplish through our business retention and expansion programs.”


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