What Do Marzetti, Wieland, and Hitachi All Have In Common?

They’re all investing in Right to Work Kentucky! As a result, T Marzetti Co, Wieland North America, and Hitachi Automotive will be positively contributing to the state’s economy. So how?

T. Marzetti will be expanding in Hart County while Hitachi Automotive will be expanding in Berea. In addition, Wieland will soon be bringing a new headquarters to Louisville. Altogether, these companies will create 475 new jobs across the state. So this is good news for those in Kentucky!

T. Marzetti:

“We are excited about T. Marzetti Co.’s expansion in Hart County and how it will continue to benefit […] our entire region. […]Every dollar invested here will have a positive ripple effect across our local economy as it recirculates through other local businesses and also helps fund our schools, police, fire and other community services.”


Wieland North America:

“As we build toward a better future for Kentucky, creating well-paying jobs for our residents, families and communities is key. […] Wieland’s new North American headquarters will certainly add new momentum to that initiative and help make the state economically stronger than ever. I want to thank Wieland’s leadership for selecting Kentucky for continued growth, and I look forward to helping the company succeed and increase its footprint in the commonwealth for years to come.”


Hitachi Automotive Systems:

“We are pleased to establish this new business in Berea, where Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas has forged a robust, ongoing relationship with the local community and state officials over the years. […] The new venture is a critical piece in strengthening Hitachi’s foundation in the fast-growing electric vehicle market and supporting the revitalization of the economy in Kentucky through job creation in response to COVID-19.”


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